Grand Hyatt Xi’an Unveils Iconic Experiences on the Grand Opening-April 22nd


Xi’an, one of China’s ancient capitals at the start of the historic Silk Road, radiates a beauty of both the past and present, amidst the deep chiming of the old morning bell echoing with the hustle and bustle of modern life. On April 22, 2018, the city celebrated a new addition to its architectural splendor, with the grand opening of the Grand Hyatt Xi’an. Owned by Maike Group and managed by Hyatt Hotels Group, it is the first Grand Hyatt hotel in northwestern China, marking a new milestone in the brand’s history.The towering jewel of the bustling CBD in the city’s Hi-tech Zone, Grand Hyatt Xi’an forms part of the landmark Maike Center, China’s first steel-structure connected building developed by Maike Group. Integrating a superior 5 star office building, the Grand Hyatt Hotel and high-end bookstore themed shopping center, the Maike Center combines state-of-the-art architectural excellence with artistic sophistication, to re-define high-end business in Xi’an. The opening of the Grand Hyatt Xi’an ushers in a new chapter for the city’s urban development. Featuring Grand Hyatt’s signature elegance and modern comfort, blended in harmony with the unique cultural traditions of Xi’an, the hotel celebrates the iconic experiences of the city’s glorious past and exciting present.Sidney Hardy_西安君悦酒店总经理

“We’re extremely honored to bring Grand Hyatt to Xi’an. The city is a unique combination of rich cultural heritage and modern vibrancy, which makes it a choice location for our first Grand Hyatt hotel in northwestern China”, said Mr. Sidney Hardy, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Xi’an on the grand opening ceremony, “we are ready to welcome our guests from around the world with warm hospitality and an unparalleled journey of iconic experiences that the city of Xi’an has to offer.”


The grand opening celebration coincided with the relocation of Maike Group to the newly developed Maike Center. Designed in a joint effort of 22 leading architecture agencies, the Center is an artistic interpretation of architectural excellence in terms of function, comfort, intelligent technologies and environment friendliness. Dedicated to creating a superior workplace for professional elites and an international business environment for more leading companies, it is a stunning landmark in Xi’an at the forefront of the modern-day Silk Road.


Grand Hyatt Xi’an reinterprets the imperial splendor and exotic multicultural influences of Xi’an with bold contemporary flair. Guests will wow at the timeless beauty inspired by the exotic wildlife, geography and culture of the Silk Road. The eye-catching design of the lobby draws inspirations from a traditional Chinese idiom, which is translated literally as “a great hawk spreads its wings”. The wing motif appears in creative ways throughout the design, symbolizing taking flight on a journey of exciting opportunities, and welcoming guests to explore the best that Grand Hyatt has to offer.



The notably iconic Sky Bridge that connects the hotel and office building over 106 meters above the ground is home to 5 restaurants and bars. From the Sky Bridge, visitors can take in dramatic 360-degree views of the metropolis below. The scene is particularly beautiful in the evenings when floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the glittering city lights.

21 意大利吃喝玩乐餐厅

Against this backdrop, Grand Hyatt Xi’an’s The Lounge, Grand Café and Chang’an Bridge Chinese restaurant are a showcase for world-class local and global cuisines in spectacular settings that dazzle all the senses. Allegro Restaurant & Bar with authentic Italian flavor on the Sky Bridge brings a new level of sophistication and wow-factor to Xi’an’s dining and nightlife scene.


The hotel accommodates 396 guestrooms with designs inspired by a palatial mirage in the desert that marries contemporary luxury and modern comfort, offering an elegant retreat for travelers. The light brushed woods, coupled with terracotta or crimson accents, create a warm and relaxing ambience feeling like at home.


Conceived as an oasis amidst the sand dunes, the Spa on level 6 is a becalming sanctuary in soothing nature shades of green and wood, with pops of orange and yellow, creating a natural, calm and refreshing environment for guests.

大宴会厅_主题晚宴 1

The hotel also offers spacious event venues that serve as ballrooms and meeting rooms on levels 3 and 3M spanning 2,314 square meters. The ballrooms are encased by sumptuously curving walls that emulate the natural beauty of desert sand dunes. Shifting 360-degree graphics across curved LED screens bring a completely immersive and magical experience.
Combining Eastern culture richness with Western extraordinary services, Grand Hyatt Xi’an offers each and every guest with an individualized experience that is elegant, luxury and memorable. Looking ahead, Grand Hyatt will stay true to its vision of unlocking the extraordinary in every moment, and join hands with Maike Group to explore exciting opportunities and open new chapters in its legendary journey of pursuing excellence.




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