Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy

“It’s just a few blocks, we can walk it!” I told a friend as we braved the cold and headed west on ke ji road. 45 minutes later we arrived, frost bitten and hungry. At first, it looked to be a nice café, but Power Up had more to offer…so much more.
Power Up has been open for 4 months and is constantly evolving. Taking inspiration from the Wright Brothers passion and perseverance, innovation is the order of the day. Be it your western style DIY BBQ or a fruit wood smoked steak, this place has everything. We ordered some Hot chocolate and thawed out in comfort.
I flipped open the menu and fell in love. Each page offers different cuts of Australian steak, lamb chops, sushi, pastas, soups and much more. With four Chefs each dedicated to their specific specialty, the beef chef had my attention. We had the oxtail soup, tuna mushroom soup, Australian fillet steak and a Caesar salad. What a meal, while Conroux couldn’t stop raving about the soups I tucked into the steak and wow…just wow.
Jim and Helen, the owners, joined us after our meal and took us on a tour of the second floor. VIP rooms, each meticulously styled down to the last detail, transport you to the UK. From the union jacks curtains to the hanging top hat chandelier, this magical little restaurant/bar has its décor inspired by its owner’s travels. These rooms serve as the perfect place to have a business function or birthday party.
Helen put it perfectly as she walked us out, “it’s not just about money and business, it’s about memories, and Jim and I want to share some with our customers.” Power Up is exactly what Xi’an needs; it’s a place for everyone. I can’t wait for spring time to check out the tea garden and the Western BBQ area.
“More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination.” Wilbur Wright.
Pros: The unique atmosphere and attention to detail make enjoying the delicious food easy. The popular #14 bus stops right outside the front door. The fruit wood smoked steaks!!!
Cons: None I can think of.
  • Average Price per person/人均消费: 100 RMB
  • Address /地址: Building 26, #259,Keji Road. ( 科技路259号26幢 )
  • Tel /电话: 029-8851 0505
  • Hours /时间: 10:00am – 10:30pm