Written by Yanzi and Steven Calvi

Address /地址: Happy Mall Food Court. East of South Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda Yanta District


Tel /电话: 029-8931 8440 177-9228-5586

Hours /时间: 10:00am-10:00pm

Average Price per person/人均消费: 60-250 RMB

Winter has come. It’s the time for comfort, for good food and warmth. So Steven and I went to the Big Goose Pagoda to to have some good food and enjoy watching the Christmas shopping crowd during the holiday season. Life always surprises you, in the center square of the food area just south of the pagoda we found a newly opened Indian restaurant called Ganges and decided to go in to warm up from the cold. The restaurant is very cozy, with low key decorations giving the place a very accessible feel with various colorful wall hangings it feels like the kind of place that doesn’t care who you are as long as you’re there to enjoy good food.

The atmosphere is matched by the staff, we were warmly welcomed by the manager Sapkota from Nepal  who was kind and helpful in introducing their menu and specialties. There was so much to choose from starters and soups to about a million curries and desserts we had no idea where to start! Sapkota recommended we try the Lamb Rogan Josh, a Northern Indian lamb curry that is very spicy and one of Ganges’ signature dishes, it also happened to be a dish that both Steve and I really like.
Shortly after we ordered our dishes started popping out of the kitchen, it was an array of colors, smells and tastes. An amazing and hearty Hot and Sour Soup that warmed us up from the chill outside, a Chicken Tikka, barbequed to perfection and so tender it was melting in our mouths, of course the lovely Lamb Rogan Josh which was exactly how we like it, perfectly cooked and seasoned. We got slightly carried away and also ordered Butter Chicken and Mutter Paneer with the always faithful Garlic Naan.

The taste was everything we expected and more with all the spices being imported from India and the Chef himself also Indian, it’s no wonder that the taste is about as authentic as you will find outside of India. Seeing that we obviously enjoy Indian food the manager brought us some mango Lassi and Indian ice cream for dessert. It’s the attention to detail in the cooking, the friendliness of the staff and relaxed atmosphere combined to make this a great little place.
Pro: lovely food, great taste and excellent new option, Bobo loved the Lassi and this is definitely the best mango yoghurt we have ever had – so don’t miss it. Cons: it’s newly opened and not very easy to find.