Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy

        One night after work I took a wonder north past Bell Tower to a café a colleague had suggested I try. After slipping and sloshing my way through the snow, I stepped into a little piece of Canada named Quebec Café.
Quebec Café could best be described as “little Canada” From the maple leaves to the posters of Ice hockey Legends scattered throughout , the unique décor goes a long way to making you feel welcome, this enforced by the waiters. Probably the best service I have received in Xian, from the moment I stepped out of the elevator I felt welcome and comfortable. I was shown to my table and handed three menus.
The food menu: While the usual bar food was available, I took interest in the “Quebec specials” meals such as “The Characteristics of Quebec pizza” and the “Quebec classic double hamburger”. The pizza was one of the best I’ve had in Xi’an. The mammoth double burger arrived, accompanied by a generous portion of chips, and to my surprise it was a chicken and steak burger. For 45RMB this is one of the best “value for money” burgers you are likely to have in Xi’an. Also worth a mention are the bar snacks. Potato wedges and onion rings, “secret” grilled chicken wings and hash browns.
Standard cocktails and beers are available at competitive prices while spirits and wines are sold by the bottle; however, it’s the nonalcoholic menu that catches the eye. If fresh fruit juice, imported teas and an assortment of yoghurt don’t make you happy, be sure to try the blueberry sorbet…so good. Being a café, the coffee choices are great, especially the tiramisu latte.
       After some great food and drink I took up a seat at the bar. With twenty plus tables and booths Quebec can easily host a birthday party, business function or a pre-club warm-up party. No matter the occasion, with a fully equipped stage for live music, central location and business hours from 9am till late, Quebec has it all.
So if you’re looking for; genuinely friendly staff, great décor and good food and drink (at really good prices) Quebec cafe is the answer.
Pros: The Quebec pizza and Hamburger as well as the blueberry sorbet. The waiters are friendly and helpful. The prices are really good.
Cons: The drinks menu is in Chinese.
Price per person: 70RMB
Average Price per person/人均消费:      70RMB
Address /地址:
Block B, K.I.Tower, #1 of Xihuamen.
( 北大街西华门十字西北角 凯爱大厦B座院内独立电梯 魁北克俱乐部 )
Tel /电话: 029-8725 1528 187-2920-3005
Hours /时间: 9:30am – 2:00am