Written by Chef Arron

Cooked at low heat for 48 hours and served with beef jus, a port reduction and garlic chips.
土豆potato 50g
牛奶 milk 15g
黄油 butter 15g
奶油 cream 15g
蟹味菇 crab mushroom 10g
芦笋 asparagus 10g
小胡萝卜 baby carrot 10g
牛肋排 beef short ribs 80g
牛肉汁 beef jus      20g
大蒜片 garlic chips   2pc
小番茄干 cherry tomato confit 1pc
1. 牛肋排加洋葱,西芹,胡萝卜,红酒低温慢煮48小时。
Cook the beef ribs for 48 hours with the onions, celery, carrots and red wine
2. 土豆加牛奶,奶油,黄油,盐,胡椒做成土豆泥。
Baked the potatoes in the oven until soft. Add milk, cream, butter and salt & pepper and mash
3. 牛肋排装盘配小番茄干、混合蔬菜、土豆泥、牛肉汁及大蒜片跟绿色泡沫。
Serve the beef ribs with tomato confit, mixed vegetables, the mashed potatoes, beef sauce, garlic chips and various greens