Written by Wayner Edens

If you’ve been in Xi’an for a while, then, like us, you’ve probably eaten enough barbecue to be considered a connoisseur; you know the ins and outs of every street-side kao rou stand and the subtle differences between each serving of meat-on-a-stick. So, when someone told us there was a “posh” barbecue joint in Gaoxin, we were intrigued. We hopped on the bike and headed straight for a dinner at Le Rôtir.
When we arrived we were struck by Le Rôtir’s tasteful decor and cool vibe, which reminded us of another posh place in town. It was no surprise, then, that after a little investigating we discovered the owner is the father of the owner of Le Ban!
We were met and shown to our table by the friendly and cheerful Tony C, a waiter who spoke such great English that we didn’t need to embarrass ourselves with broken Chinese. He let us look through the menu first and order drinks. Though we initially chose a mango iced tea and a banana smoothie, Tony began to show off their selection of Near Wall Bar-brewed beer. Who can say no to their Guinness-like Milk Stout or their IPA?
In an effort to give you a good idea of the variety of food available at Le Rôtir, we had Tony suggest a number of different dishes. The best of his suggestions was the French Lamb Chop, a lamb rib so tender it literally fell off the bone and melted in our mouths. Other suggestions were just as incredible: the Japanese-style lamb skewer was tender and tasty; the Polish and German sausages, served with homemade sauerkraut and bacon, were delicious and hearty; and the Japanese-style chicken and chicken wings in a dry peanut butter sauce were a great treat. Other offerings, such as their more typical meat skewers, were nice, but not exactly mind-blowing. Overall, we really enjoyed their barbecued meat, which had a unique smoky flavour that, according to the boss, comes from a special coal used in their grills. To close out this meaty banquet, we ordered a chocolate cake and a blueberry cheesecake, and both were rich and indulgent desserts.
It should be pointed out that, for those of you more used to the typical Xi’an barbecue, Le Rôtir is, comparatively, rather expensive. Its target market is, without a doubt, higher-class Chinese with some money to burn, but for expats who want to try a little bit of the luxurious life, it won’t be bank-breaking.
All in all, it was a great experience, and I would recommend that you try it out at least once. It’s clean, family-friendly and the kitchen is open so you can see the chefs proudly showing off their skills. It’s nice to see that running a restaurant with quality food and service runs in this Xi’anese family.
Pros: Delicious, unique smoked taste to the meat; Great beer; Friendly and attentive staff; quiet outdoor space to sit and relax; two large outdoor areas that can be rented for parties
Cons: Fairly expensive
Address:1F, Mo Er Center, No.34, Hui Feng South Road, Gaoxin. ( 高新区沣惠南路34号摩尔中心一层 )
Tel:029-8874 7673
Business Hours: 11:00am-1:00am