Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy Nel

Walking down GaoXin lu one night my mates and I found ourselves outside MC Cocktail thirsty, and interested in finding a new drinking spot close to work.
The first thing you see when you walk into MC Cocktail is a private collection of some of the finest whiskeys I have seen, as well as a few fine limited edition wines all in a fancy display cabinet. Fancy is just one of the words I would use to describe the décor of MC. A fine distinguished refined looking bar stretches the length of the establishment.
We ordered a few cocktails and went through the hand drawn menu. To our surprise the drink prices were really good, and when the drinks arrived the taste made them even better. The passion fruit mojito is a must and the Zambi cocktail served in Tiki mugs from Hawaii is a head turner.
Although MC has great cocktails the whiskey is what had my attention, some of the finest in the city. With seventy five different single malt whiskeys, ranging from Japan to the Scottish highlands, MC has a whiskey for anyone’s taste.
All the whiskey is bought by the bottle and signed into a log book upon purchase, this way they can keep track of what you don’t drink and keep it for you till next time. This is a great idea if a few drinks after work is your thing.
Live lounge music and a “smokey bar” atmosphere make MC a “cut-out” from an old mob movie and a great place for a meeting or first date. The live music will start soon with some of Xian’s best.
The owners of MC will be opening a Bottle store soon and this bar serves as a “Taste” of what they have to offer.
Pros: Great selection of fine whiskey. Quality cocktails.
Cons: none that I saw.
Average Price per person/人均消费:                                                    40-80RMB
Address /地址:
#19, Lao Dong South Road    ( 劳动南路19号(劳动南路与高新路十字东北角) )
Tel /电话: 132-0183-6996
Hours /时间: 8:00pm – 2:00am