Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy Nel

In Xi’an there are many bars and clubs to choose from and there are always new places popping up around town. Phoenix Tree Bar recently joined the fracas, but sets itself apart from the competition by being a true Xi’an bar with a few unique twists.
Situated at the popular South Gate area,it has outdoor seating for summer, comfy booths scattered around for a private gathering, and the bar area is great to relax at with friends. The friendly staff are always around to help find you a spot, but I recommend sitting outside.
The décor is a little on the strange side. From the cat playpen at the door to the mixed–and-matched furniture, Phoenix gives off an odd, but relaxed vibe. Fake stained glass windows and a glass-enclosed drum kit next to thestage fuel the quirky aesthetic.
The live music at Phoenix Tree is as good as any bar in Xi’an. The stage is well-situated, so you can see and hear the performance outside. While live music is the bulk of the entertainment, dance acts are frequently featured on weekends.
You can enjoy the live performances with some drinks or a hookah pipe, but one disadvantage of being an expat at Phoenix Tree is that it’s not very easy to navigate for people who can’t speak Chinese. The menu is entirely in Chinese and it seems the staff speaks little to no English. This can make ordering a drink a little bit difficult, even with the limited drink menu.As for the price per drink, the items I could understand with the little Chinese I know were expensive.
Phoenix Tree Bar may fit the template for a Xi’an bar, but distinguishes itself with an eccentric personality. It’s the perfect place to add to a pub crawl or to pop in for a pint when the other bars are too crowded.
Pros: Great location with friendly staff and an outdoor area perfect for summer.
Cons: A little on the pricey side, Chinese menus and non-English speaking staff.
Avg price per drink: RMB 50
Address /地址:No.32, Da Tang Tong Yi Fang
( 雁塔区大唐通易坊32号路南丝路餐厅隔壁(曲江城对面) )
Tel /电话: 029-8739 5668
Hours /时间: 3:00pm – 3:00am