PINK HORSE 粉红马精酿啤酒吧

Written by Tim King

It’s said that horses were the world’s first designated drivers, and that makes a certain amount of sense. Think about it. They’re smart, so they probably remember the way home. Even better than that, they’re smart enough to ignore the directions of the jerk ass on their back that reeks of tequila. And they’re always sober because no self-respecting alcoholic would waste precious intoxicants on an animal so large and robust that it could shoot Everclear and still walk a straight line.
But that’s your run-of-the-mill horse. That’s not Pink Horse. Pink Horse just wants to party with you.
Pink Horse is located just around the corner from Club TNT on Fen Xiang; it’s a little removed from the main road, but follow the giant pink signs to the giant horseshoe arch and you’re in. They have a small patio with some seats and a sizeable main barroom that has a sort of industrial styling: concrete, black-and-white pictures of giant metal machines, monochromatic colors and clean angles dominate its ample space. The seating mostly caters to larger groups of people, but there are several smaller tables here and there if you’re not traveling in a herd.
The bar traffics in bottled beer, with a respectable selection, but the real difference maker is the bar snacks. One of the owners of this fine establishment once had a small take-out place on Luo Ma Shi called “Chicken and Fries” (which I patronized more than once just to make sure my ass didn’t get too skinny). Hear me now and believe me later, the frialators are being put to good use here. Fried chicken and all manner of fries, from wedge to waffle, are available to satiate your drunk munchies.
Being there was a little intimidating at first because the Saturday night crowd seemed a bit posh (and I’m definitely not), but when it suddenly transformed into a karaoke bar around midnight the atmosphere was lively and comfortable in a way I hadn’t experienced in a long while. If your friends are trying to drag you to TNT, see if you can’t redirect them; Pink Horse is not an ear-splitting, bass-dropping night club, but if you’re game for what they offer you’ll have a pretty good time. I can see this becoming a new haunt for me, and that’s not just because my cholesterol levels have guanxi with the owner.
Pros: a pretty good selection of beer; good snacks; lively atmosphere
Cons: the location’s a bit hectic; the convenience store-style bar works for me but certainly isn’t for everyone; Lipitor users will go hungry
Avg. price per drink: 30-40RMB
粉红马精酿啤酒吧 Pink Horse
地址,五味什字清见了街里。Wu Wei Shi Zi Qing Jian Le Jie Li.