Written by Tim King

From the day we arrived here in Xi’an and, blinking, stepped into South Gate, there were more bars to be seen than could ever be seen, more to drink than could ever be drunk. There are just too many bars to drink in here; more to find than could ever be found. And the sun hiding high in the charcoal-gray sky keeps most foreign denizens of Xi’an looking for their next round.
Yes, it’s the circle of bars, and it intoxicates us all. Through despair and hope, through faith and love, ‘til we find our way back to our place in a taxi’s winding, it’s the circle of bars.
There’s a calm surrender to the popping of a beer bottle, when the head of the rolling world can be drunk away. A fridge full of import beers, and it sees me through; it’s enough for this restless editor just to drink a few.
And can you see the crocodile? He is stuffed and displayed. It’s enough for this blurred-sight reveler to think it’s a real one. And can you see the zebra stripes? How they’re on the walls? It’s enough to make this tough reviewer believe Simbar is nice.
There’s a time for everyone to come to Simbar, if they only make it. The space between Wenchang Gate and Heping Gate will move us all in turn. There’s a rhyme and reason to Simbar’s décor, where the heart of a star-crossed foreigner can get real drunk with yours.
And I just can’t wait to be drunk.
Pros: Nice, modern style with enough appropriated African imagery to make you notice the motif but not enough to be offensively stereotypical; Good beer  and hookah selection; It’s near some barbecue places and it’s in a part of downtown that is relatively less traveled, which makes it a nice place to chill out
Cons: New bars in new, bar-sparse locations are always tough to get your friends to go to, and you’ll want a solid group of between three and six people to go and hang out with; Average, but not amazing, prices
Avg. Price per Drink: 30RMB
Address:#6, Xia Ma Ling, Shun Cheng East Alley, Inside Wen Chang Gate, Bei Lin District
( 碑林区文昌门内顺城东巷下马陵6号 )