Written by Brian Bergey

It’s getting a lot easier to find Western food in Xian, but that doesn’t keep us from craving our $.99 Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell every once and a while.  So, we set out to find Xian’s equivalent, searching near and far for something we can happily call a “Chinese Burrito.”Since our job is to uncover the best local food in the city, it didn’t take us long to find 芙蓉饼 (Fu Rong Bing) which is both the name of the shop and the burrito.
Literally hidden within the entrance to an underground shopping center,this small shack has been in business for over 18 years.  These Fu Rong Bings start with a “tortilla” made of lotus flour and water.  Made fresh daily, they have a soft yet sticky texture.
First, they lay four of these on the counter to form a solid base for all of the toppings. The filling starts with a boiled egg that is marinated in a spicy broth, along with dry tofu.  The best part, however, is the healthy amount of chili-marinated mushrooms that are piled on top.  Finally, a large dollop of garlic and freshly shredded cucumber are spread over the pile before it is tightly wrapped with the lotus flour tortilla.  Before they serve it to you, they dip the top half of the cone-shaped burrito in the spicy broth.
Since finding this spot, we have been back many times for a quick snack.  You and your visitors can also join a Lost Plate Food Tour and find many places like this from the comfort of your own private tuktuk! 
What You Need to Know:
Directions: From Dong Da Jie (East Street) about one block east of the bell tower, turn north on Ban Jie.  In about 20 meters on the left, you’ll see an entrance to a shop with a staircase that leads underground.  At the top of the entrance is a small white shack to the left with red characters on the window.  The name of the shop is芙蓉饼 (Fu Rong Bing).
Cost: 6rmb
Brian is from the US and has lived all over the world finding good food and adventure everywhere he lives. In Xi’an he works for an American software company and co-owns Lost Plate Food Tours, a tour company aimed at introducing foreigners to the best local food in the city. To find out more about their tours, check out or email