Written by XIANEASE

It’s that time of year again, Cherry Blossoms are about to be in full swing which means that the city will start to explode with color for a few weeks until the rain and wind of mid-April blow the blossoms away and Spring is almost over. This is a great time to practice your photography skills or just get out and experience the first glimpse of a greener and more beautiful city. No matter where you are in the city or when you have time there are lots of places to gander at the pink and white heralds of Spring.
Keep in mind that the best viewing time is from early April while the blossoms peak in mid-April but by the 25th they are all but finished.
1. Qinglong Temple (青龙寺)
Xi’an Qinglong Temple is THE place to see Cherry Blossoms, they have over 100 varieties so their ground are covered in white and pink. Qinglong Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty though it’s Cherry Blossom orchards were brought in by the Japanese monk Kukai in 806CE as a gift to commemorate his time as a student at the temple.
Best Viewing Time: Weekdays as the weekends are pretty crowded
Cost: RMB 16.00 per person
Address: North 350 meters of the Xiying Road and Yanying Road Intersection (西影路与雁翔路十字向北350米)
2. Jiao Tong University (西安交通大学)
By the end of March to early April, the campus of Jiao Tong University comes to life, bringing with it the formidable colors and fragrance of the short lived Cherry Blossom. It’s a sight to behold with thick lines of trees forming tunnels of color. Students come out in the hundreds as well as families, all for a memorable photo with the trees but head there during a weekday and you’ll be surprised how you have this amazing fairy land all to yourself.
Best Viewing Time: Tuesday or Thursday have less folks on campus and your best bet for a people free viewing
Cost: Free
Address: 28 Xianning West Road (咸宁西路28号)
3. Gaoxin Second Road (高新二路)
Yeah it’s a bit of a random location but the trees on Gaoxin Second road from Keji road to Keji Second road provide a splash of color on the grey street for a few weeks of the year. While this might not be a great destination to see the blossoms since Xi’an is a compact city and central Gaoxin tends to me a well-traveled area if you happen to be close why not make a detour do a quick walk through, you won’t regret it.
Time:When the sun is up…
Cost:Free (it’s just a street afterall)
Address: About 24 Gaoxin Second Road from the Keji Road intersection until about the Keji Second Road intersection (高新二路24号)
4. Xi’an Botanical Garden (西安植物园)
It’s a park geared to the botanicals (yes we know that’s not a word but it made us giggle so we used it), which means that it’s a one stop shop of all things green and flowery. It’s no wonder that come early to mid-April this place comes to life with photographers of all ages (watch out for DJ Dave and his Selfie Stick!) coming to capture the season.
Time: Any day from 8:00am – 6:00pm
Cost:RMB 15.00
Address:17, Cuihua Road (翠华路17)
5. Xing Qing Park (兴庆宫公园)
This park was once the frolicking grounds of emperors and concubines in ancient times. More recently this was the central jewel of the Xi’an park system, but in the past ten years or so its renown has faded somewhat though it is still a vibrant park that is visited by many. In the southeast portion of the park a bit down from the park south gate they have a good collection of Cherry Blossoms that attract lots of people, unfortunately the snap snap of cherry boughs is a sound as prevalent as shutter clicks.
Time: As with just about anything in Xi’an weekdays are better. Be sure to get there early in the season or all you’ll find are bundles of sticks sans flowers.
Cost: Free
Address: 55 Xianning Road (咸宁路55号)