Written by Becca and Wayner Edensx

It was another quiet evening for the two of us and we decided that we wanted to go out for dinner. “But where shall we go?” was the question upon both our lips.  “Wait a minute, I’ve heard of this new place called Well Will down near the TV Tower on Cui Han Nan road. Let’s go try it out!”
As we walked into Well Will, we were greeted by the manager/owner, Wei Wei who told us that the bar was set up by himself and his brother. The bar area was quite small, tastefully decorated and the seating area was a mixture of long comfy bench seats and a few tables and chairs.  There was a small stage for musicians and another bar at the far end, we also took a look upstairs at the garden styled dining area. The ambience was relaxed and cosy with a couple of private areas and a slightly larger room for bigger groups.  They also have a third floor for large group parties. The far wall and roof are both made of glass giving you a cool view of the city buildings and the lights outside.
Both starving, we went back downstairs we took a look at the menu and were pleasantly surprised to see that it consisted predominantly of western dishes. According to Wei Wei the chef has been cooking western dishes for the past 10 years in Beijing, so we were hopeful of good things!
The selection was great, the appetisers included smoked salmon, cheesy shrimp balls, a cold cut platter, as well as the more traditional soup and salads. For mains they offered a variety of choices, from rice and pasta dishes to a good selection of pizzas. One of their signature items on offer was the Carnivore Pizza, a Well Will creation that consisted of everything….including chips (fries)!  For the meat eaters out there they also have Tender Loin, T-Bone and Rib-eye steaks. What caught our eye though was the Rock Plate and it was beautiful. If you’re not looking at eating a ton they offer some titbits to munch on, the garlic bacon fries we tried were delicious! What is a complete meal without dessert? My favourite, as my ever increasing waistline will testify, was what they called the Chocolate Flan with Vanilla, which was actually more of a Chocolate Bomb than flan, but Oh My God…it was decadent.  Becca’s favourite was the Cheese cake, which she described as ‘The best cheese cake I’ve ever had. It’s so light it’s like eating a cloud!” 
As for the drinks, we plumped for their Riunite Lambrusco, a sweet dark, ruby red wine that is fairly clear and bright that is perfect for a pizza or steak though a but pricier here in Xi’an.  They have a good selection of beer including Duval, Vedett, and 1664 to name a few.  Unfortunately it lacked a decent selection of spirits, but it’s still early days and Wei Wei tells me that it will improve.
Price-wise it’s very comparable to most drinking and eating establishments in Xi’an, some things are cheaper and some are a little more expensive. What really stood out for us was the food….it was all absolutely divine. Some of the best we’ve had here in Xi’an, while the prices on paper look the same as some other places, the portions are considerably better! They also offer a discount/VIP card where you pay RMB 1000 on the card and you’ll get a 10% discount, RMB3000 for 20% and 10,000 for 30%. So go and see Wei Wei and his team and enjoy the good food they’ll delight you with. Oh, and tell them I sent you!
Pros: Great Atmosphere, Great Food, and the Best Cheese Cake in Xi’an
Cons: Closes at Midnight – Which Doesn’t Give Us After School Teachers Much Time
Average Price per person/人均消费:                            70RMB
Address /地址:
Northeast of the intersection of Cui Hua Nan Road and Yan Nan Five Road, QUJIANG New District
( 曲江翠华南路与雁南五路交汇东北角(曲江国际会议中心东门对面) )
Tel /电话: 029-8966 7805
Hours /时间: 11:00am-Midnight