Article By Naomi & Javier

Just around the corner from the Tiyuchang metro station, and just before Fly Elephant pizza, there’s a new pizza shop in the V-Show building. Naomi had a hankering for pizza, so we were excited to try the deep-dish, super cheesy pizza at Pizza Max.

Pizza Max has a renovated warehouse style with unique decorations, tables and chairs. Despite the tall ceilings and large layout, the location maintains a very personal feeling; every table you sit at has a different feel. There’s both bar-like seating and tables for big groups or individuals. The staff was friendly, but limited in their English abilities. That didn’t matter so much, as the menu is completely bilingual and you should have no trouble ordering.

This restaurant has more than twenty pizza options with creative choices like cinnamon apple dessert pizza, mushroom lovers, cranberry chicken, and Norwegian smoked salmon. Their most popular pizza is the cranberry chicken pizza with mozzarella and camembert cheeses, roasted chicken, and cranberry sauce. Our favorite pizza was the Cuban Passion spicy pizza. Pizzas are offered in two sizes – nine inch or twelve inch (which is 20 or 30 cm for you non-‘Mericans). The space between the thick, deep crust is just loaded with stringy cheese. It’s the cheesiest pizzas in town, hands down. In addition to pizzas, there are lots of snacks, salads, pastas, sandwiches and burgers.

There are plenty of drink options too. Two highlights are the wide selection of German and Belgian beers in a convenience store style fridge so you can help yourself, and milkshakes. We recommend the peanut milkshake.Pizzamax2 Pizzamax3 Pizzamax4 Pizzamax5

If you’re a pizza fan and you want to try some unique pizzas or are missing thick, extra cheesy pizza, check this place out.

Pizzamax是来自新西兰的披萨潮牌,以“双倍芝士double cheese披萨和百分百纯植物奶昔”为主打,噬肉狂魔、菠萝快车为招牌的25种披萨口味西安第一多!北京烤鸭披萨、乌鲁木齐羊肉串披萨、大力水手菠菜披萨、榴莲披萨等创意披萨更能给您带来无与伦比的味觉风暴和潮爆体验。极受追捧的食材和工艺,复古又前卫的装修风格,Unlimited&Different的精神内核,等您来潮拜!

PRO: A solid selection of western dishes where everyone can find something to eat.
CON: Pizza flavors might be a little strange to those craving something more classic, like pepperoni pizza.
PRICE: 80-100RMB/person

4F,V-show KTV,northeast corner of Chang’an intersection
( 碑林区长安立交东北角(地铁体育场站C口)V-SHOW KTV大楼四层 )
029-8546 9026 151-0921-0508

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