Pumping Up Health & Lifestyle with Sai

Article by Sai Gopalan

Happy New Year! Another year, another week full of optimism, regret or maybe just trying to get over the holiday hangover. Whatever your current state of mind, one thing that is probably echoing in your head is that often dreaded word, CHANGE. That’s right, with the ending of every year and the start of a new year, people across the world frantically attempt to commit themselves to life-altering behaviors with the hope that they can transform their lives.

Unfortunately, by the end of the month, 30% will break their commitment and only a measly 8% actually follow through with their resolution by the end of the year. It will also be no surprise that losing weight or getting into shape predominantly tops the New Year Resolution list. So, if you are just an average person trying to transform your body for a brand new you in 2016, chances are you’re going to fail…right?

Well not exactly, because you’ve got Sai on your side. We’re in this together.

You see, it’s not what we get that makes us happy, it’s who we become and I truly believe if you want to make lasting physical change to your body, you have to change your state of mind. Motivation is great, but we all know it doesn’t last all the time. It’s determined, painful and tiring action, done again and again gets the results. So start off small, baby steps, do something everyday no matter how small it is, just commit yourself to it. It can be as simple as drinking a cup of green tea and lemon every morning. But every step you take, no matter how small it may seem, builds momentum, builds drive and, more importantly, builds a routine. So how can we make this year better than last? Well, firstly, add these great metabolism boosting foods into your diet!

1. Fish

Fish is a great source of protein, which means it’s going to help you build leaner, stronger muscles and, of course, burn fat. That’s right, the more lean protein you absorb, the more fat is used to actually absorb the protein into your body. And protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Another great advantage is that fish lowers your leptin level. WTF is that? Basically, it’s a hormone that influences your metabolism, deciding whether to store or burn calories. All you need to know is that fish lowers leptin levels, thus burning more calories. Gotta love Fish, killing the fat twice over.

If you’re not partial to the taste of fish, you should spend more time sampling the variety as there are numerous breeds and recipes to help you find a dish that you like, so stop fretting about sucking down tuna sandwiches.

2. Green Tea

There are actually a number of benefits to switching out sweetened coffee and other beverages with green tea, whether hot or cold. First and most important, green tea can help improve

metabolism by as much as 4% in a 24 hour period. Also the tiny amount of caffeine can safely boost your heart level to burn more calories over the course of a day. Green tea is also known to reduce appetite to some degree, varying from person to person. Aim for about 3 cups of green tea a day, after every major meal to burn up the calories just consumed.

3. Apples

A mere 95 calories, one medium apple contains 4 grams of fiber. What does this mean? God’s forbidden fruit will boost your fiber intake and help you to prevent weight gain and even encourage weight loss. Makes sense why Eve couldn’t resist the temptation….I like to munch on apples in between meals during the day, keeping my metabolism active while eating something that will further aid weight loss.

So make the change now guys. Adopt these good eating habits into your diet together with regular exercise (like the exercises I told you about in the last issue!) and I promise you will feel great, have more energy, decrease your cravings and appetite and look better. Just consciously and sub-consciously know you will make it! Push yourself a little more every day. Remember, we’re in this together.