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Article By Naomi & Javier

I first came to the Ban Po area two years ago to check out the international arts zone in this former textile neighborhood. At that time, the large factory was dilapidated and nearby businesses were far and few between. I decided to visit Ban Po again and see how China’s rapid development had changed the area.

Javier and I wandered around the arts area, past the antique train and down the long corridor of the factory-turned-trendyindependent-business shopping area and stopped for drinks at 750 Bar. It’s about a fi ve to ten minute walk from the Ban Po metro station exit C.

This motorcycle-themed bar is complete with the usual bar area, couch seats, and private tables made from truck tires. It also boasts a sizable stage for live music, a spacious loft, a metal cage fi t for a lion or several scantily clad individuals (though it wasn’t in use at the time), and, of course, a macaw.

The drink menu is standard—Vedett, Corona, Guinness, and Budweiser beers and cocktail classics like Long Islands, Tequila Sunrises, and Blue Hawaiians. Or you can just go crazy and buy a whole bottle of booze. That’s always an option. Snacks are limited to guo ba, fruit platters, and sun flower seeds.

If you’re looking for a cool bar with a unique atmosphere and live music, defi nitely check out 750 Bar.

1-16, C Area, Banpo International Art Zone, No.238, Fang Xi Street, Baqiao District
( 灞桥区纺西街238号半坡国际艺术街区C区1-16 )
029-6863 8888

Average Price per Person /人均消费 : 40 RMB

Spacious bar in a cool up-and-coming artsy area with live music on the weekends

Super far if you don’t have to be in the eastern boonie

Javier Munguia and Naomi Trego are partners in non-criminal activity traveling the world teaching English. You can reach them at teacher.trego@gmail.com

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