Kempinski Hotel Paulaner Brauhaus 普拉那啤酒坊

Article By Linjing Wu

Want to sit somewhere nice and tranquil in the middle of the cold, gloomy and hazy winter? Want to spend an important occasion in an authentic place where you feel like you’re in Europe? Want to have a food orgy to comfort your empty stomach and hungry soul? The Paulaner Brauhaus is defi nitely the place you need to go.

The Paulaner Brauhaus reminds me of Germany: low-key, but rigorous. It located in the Kempinski Hotel in the far east of Xi’an. It’s not that convenient to get there (in fact, it can be a real life pain in the ass) but the mind-blowing food you’re going to have won’t let you regret a single second you spent in transit.

I don’t think anyone would ever say “no” to the classic combination of black beer and a German pretzel, and that’s what we had to start. You can taste the aroma of wheat in
your mouth and, since they’re freshly baked, the pretzel is quite chewy. Also, the largegrained salt on the pretzel, plus the melted butter and pork liver on the side, makes you enjoy your beer more than ever.

If you are not a big fan of German pretzels, don’t worry. There are other amazing things waiting for you. The Brezei Salad, with its fresh garden vegetables and balsamic dressing could defi nitely boost your appetite.

Wanna have some soup to warm you up? The Potato and Leek Soup is unlike other potato soup we’ve tried before. Usually, potato soups are too much for you and you get full when you’re half way through. But trust me, the soup you here would never made you feel that way. With shrimp meatballs, plus chopped carrots and spring onion, you will experience something different and unique.

If you ever decide to visit this restaurant, I suggest you be creative and order something besides German sausage (although I bet it’s really authentic and high-quality). The one I would highly recommend is the Veal Ragout with Herb Spätzle. You can savor the tasty sauce, which had beer and black pepper in it, and is also the most distinguished part of this main course. It perfectly complements the tender meat and mushrooms.

Full already? Come on, you’ve got to save some space for the best part: dessert! We
had three traditional German desserts: deep fried apple rings with vanilla sauce, Kaiserschmarn Emperor’s Cake, which is a roughly shredded and caramelized pancake served with plum compote, and the world famous one, Black Forest Cake. Oh I’m telling you, as a huge fan of dessert, I’ve tried a bunch, and this is the best black forest cake I have ever had. When fi ne chocolate meets brandied black cherries, the fl avorful cake will surely satisfy your picky taste buds.

So bring your dates, kids, families and friends. I’m sure you will have a fantastic time.

Kempinski Hotel, No.6 West Section Euro-Asia Avenue, Chanba Ecological District
( 西安浐灞生态区欧亚大道西段6号 西安凯宾斯基酒店一层 )
029-8337 0465

Average Price per Person /人均消费 : 160 RMB

Great food, excellent service, nice atmosphere

Though it’s in a famous location and easy to find, it’s definitely a bit of a trip (though it’s worth it!)

Linjing Wu is an angel but has a little bit of the devil in her. She can be reached at

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