Travelling with Hostel 阅城瓦舍 – The Roof Garden

Article By Tammy Moss

#21 Shuncheng Xiang
2:00pm – 2:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费:50RMB

Pros: Views across the city wall and well priced drinks

CONS: So many stairs… and although the drinks are well priced there is not much setting them apart from other bars


Located next to Hangover Bar near Zhu Que Men, the Roof Garden can be found (on the roof) of Travelling with Hostel. I would suggest starting your night here, as there is no elevator, so you have to walk up four flights of stairs…which could prove difficult for some after a few too many.

As my companions and I walked in – or should I say – squeezed in – to the inside part of the bar, we were confused as to whether we were in the right place. On walking in we were all wondering the same question, “Where is everybody?” In front of us was an almost empty room, awkwardly quiet and no one at first seemed to know who we were. After a few minutes, and finding the owner, we were greeted like old friends, and told to sit at one of the two tables, before being shown the drinks menu.

With nothing jumping out at me from the beer selection, and prices very similar to the rest of Xi’an, I moved to the cocktail menu, which had a surprising variety of drinks. I chose a mojito, and my friend opted to test their home brew. Both drinks turned out to be very pleasant and I can definitely see myself drinking more than one the next time I go. Whilst waiting for our drinks we were taken to the crowning glory – and the namesake of this bar – the roof. On a summer’s evening this place will be perfect – twinkly lights, comfy seats, and a view over the city wall – what more could you want from a rooftop bar? However, as it hasn’t quite reached ‘sit outside’ weather yet, my companions and I settled for an inside seat.

What’s worth a quick mention is what we like to call, ‘the make out seat’. A solo, two person sofa – definitely a place for some privacy and romance.

The owners of the Roof Garden want to expand on their current home-brewed beers, one of which is a lager, the other is spicy, and they plan to extend their food menu, including organic kaorou. Their dream is one of regular rooftop parties and a mixture of culture, music, drinks and food to create a new and original bar that people want to make both their starting and finishing point.

The Roof Garden is definitely a summertime bar. With its vast roof space and unrivalled views across the city wall, this bar could become your first choice for post-work drinks or a quiet evening with friends.

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