Beer Storm 啤影

Article By Mike Leaner

Defu Xiang Street
153 1908 5286
5:30pm – 2:30am

Average Priceper Person/人均消费:50RMB

PROS: Great location; friendly service

CONS: Limited options for those who don’t enjoy beer

1It’s interesting trying to picture what a storm of beer would look like. In my mind’s eye, I see a wall of cumulonimbus the color and texture of lager foam rolling in from the horizon and dousing the land in amber, hoppy liquid. Would you dance for joy in the streets, seeing this as a sign that the gods love us, or would you interpret it as a biblical-level plague? Your answer to this is important, because it will determine how much you’ll enjoy Beer Storm, a brewery-slash-bar that’s opened up on Defuxiang Bar Street.

That’s not to say that you’re going to have beer drizzling upon you from the rafters, but rather that your choice of drink at Beer Storm is generally going to be either beer or nothing. The two-story bar greets you with a view of its brewery; it’s a modest, but professional rig that produces their house beers: American IPA, Porter, and Wheat. Also on tap are Vedett and Leifmann’s, in case you’re craving something a bit more familiar.

One of the nicest things about Beer Storm was the service. It was a little quiet when I went for a pint, and the waitress helping me was on point. She was trying super hard (and generally succeeding) at communicating in English, and was quick to offer a sampler, free of charge. The cluster of half-filled glasses wasn’t as professionally presented as other brew pubs in town, but they poured decent portions of everything, including the beers they don’t make themselves, so you can choose the best possible beer for yourself.

2Of course, all this adds up to a cocktail lover’s nightmare, but hop heads around town may find themselves right at home. Overall, Beer Storm is a nice, simple concept that generally succeeds at what it’s going for. It remains to be seen how much of a splash they’ll make in Xi’an’s burgeoning craft brew scene, but their attempt is admirable and more than worth a trip to their taproom for a sample.

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