“The Chocolate Exhibition of Nikolya” presents over 700 pure chocolate art pieces. There are chocolate and marzipan sculptures, pictures painted with white and dark chocolate, chocolate miniatures, installations and compositions with a total weight of over 1500 kilograms. There will be various themed exhibits, and highlights include: an Eiffel Tower with a height of over 2 meters, a piano made of pure white chocolate weighing over 45 kilograms, ancient guns and weapons, animals, the Egyptian pyramids, crowns of the Russian Royal family, fancy luxury bags, a mini library and other interesting and unique things!

“The Chocolate Exhibition of Nikolya” World Tour has visited 50 cities all over the world and was attended by half a million visitors.

1Finally there is a unique opportunity for Xianease and guests of Xi’an from August, 6th to be part of chocolate making culture, chocolate history and exhibits, hand-crafted out of 100% pure chocolate by talented master chocolatier, Mr. Nikolya Popov. The exhibition offers to experience the chocolate crafting workshops, tasting sessions and the other interesting activities. Every guest will be able to purchase a hand crafted chocolate souvenir.

Author of Chocolate Museum, Mr Nikolya Popov about his exhibition:

“AAll art pieces at my exhibition are edible, everything is made out of chocolate, marzipan, fondant paste, food dyes and sugar bids. In general I spend up to 2 to 4 month of “sweet labor” to create the Chocolate Museum. Every single “chocolate creature” consumes a significant amount of laborious tasks, attention and professional skills. Some of exhibits consist of many separate chocolate parts, for example, my Eiffel Tower has 512 parts. I always enjoy when I see excited guests who may not believe that such constructions could be made of pure chocolate!”


4Over 150 chocolate art pieces will be dedicated to the history and culture of China. Signature Chinese ancient constructions, symbols and art objects will be presented in chocolate. Author will create a chocolate series of exhibits to present Silk Road, Xi’an customs and traditions and, of course, chocolate Terracotta Warriors.