Malt Hall Craft Beer 麦芽堂精酿啤酒餐吧

Article By Michael Gruendner

%e7%8e%af%e5%a2%831On my way to this review I was just finishing eight hours of class and feeling like I wanted nothing more than to just go to sleep. As tired as I was I’m ecstatic that I chose to power through and check this place out, and so will you when you make the trip. This is the first time I’ve been jealous of all you Gaoxin residents, because it’s worth the trip for any beer enthusiast but it just so happens to be right in your backyard.

Malt Hall’s focus is beer, but they’ve stepped up their game with selection, style, and decor. They obviously did their homework before deciding to set down roots. Locating themselves next to a coffee shop and above a Japanese restaurant, they’ve allowed themselves to bring both businesses into their fold. They offer food from both places, giving you an option for sushi and other Japanese mainstays, your standard coffee shop western food and even bringing their own BBQ to the table.


But, the main point of this new beer paradise is craft beers. They’ve brought in craft beer from around the world; while their stock isn’t infinite they have a selection that can boggle the mind. Perhaps I’m just saying this because it’s the first bar/beer garden that I’ve stumbled into that carries my personal favorite beer, but their selection is sure to have something for everyone.

I was surprised and amazed to find that the prices weren’t sky high. They range from around 20RMB for more common beers to near a hundred for those hard-to-find beers. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that they do have a decent wine selection and offer simple cocktails for those lucky fellows who are dragged along by their beer loving cohorts, so don’t shy away because of all the beer talk. There’s even a cherry to top this wonderful discovery. This beer supermarket is spacious, the music isn’t over bearing, and the design is simple and elegant with panoramic windows with an inviting view that’ll be great when it’s too cold to enjoy their patio. Even more, if privacy is what you want, they have spacious booths in the back that could comfortably fit a group of friends.

This oasis hits every requirement I have for a new spot and I, for one, am going to be making a few trips out. I hope to see many of you there.


Address:Xiang Shu Jie Qu, Southwest Corner of Hui Feng South Road and Keji 6 Road Intersection, Gaoxin District
Tel:029-8845 6484      181-9200-7980,
Open Hours:3:00pm – 2:00am