Sky Bar 天幕酒吧

Article By Michael Gruendner

12F, Zhong Mao International Building, No.138, Xi 1 Road
(029) 8206 5888 177-9168-8688
6:00pm – 3:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 45RMB

PROS: Cheap prices, Warm, Motorcycle

CONS: Location is a bit off the beaten path, minimal beer selection, above a hostel

How many of you have spent a few nights in hostel bars? Quite a few I’d imagine. While this doesn’t seem appealing to some of the Xi’an people out there, I implore you to give them a chance. Some are undeniably better than others, chiefly those that happen to have prime locations, great views, or just the right feel to make you want to relax and enjoy the night with your friends or meet a traveler and have a new conversation partner. I feel that the last is one of the most important. I have had my party nights and my nights of pure indulgence, but more often than not I’m looking for a calm night and good friends in a comfortable place with something good to drink.

If you’ve been in Xi’an for a while you know there are plenty of roofs to perch upon for a drink, but there are few that give us that view and the comfort of being inside. Sky Bar, located above So Young Hostel, manages this with ease. It’s in the city away from the walls, so it’s not the typical view, but a change of pace is what you’re looking for when you come here anyway. Encased in a rustic wood frame, you get to enjoy the view of the bustling inner city from the warmth and comfort of a heated cabin style bar. The exposed beams supporting the roof and a loft area set like a meeting hall create space for any party to hang out and enjoy an evening. It’s not a beer bar, which I generally prefer, but Sky Bar’s experienced owner knows how to make a drink menu. If you want any crazy cocktails, they probably have it. Shooters are also plentiful. However, if you just want a beer, they’ll be able to give you your fix. Sky Bar isn’t just a place for drinks. When you’re there, plan to stay for a few hours and enjoy the ambiance, and maybe sample some of their food. I never expect too much from food in bars, but Sky Bar’s menu did well and the taste was good enough to have it disappear about 3 minutes after it was dropped off at the table. If that’s not enough to convince you, then you must make the trip at least once to check out the beautiful WWII motorcycle and sidecar they have sitting in the middle of the middle the bar. I’ve got my photos, now it’s your turn.

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