Psyche Club 赛奇俱乐部

Article By Michael Gruendner

20 meters west, inside of Xiaonan Men, Shuncheng South Rd West Section
7:30pm – 4:30am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 50RMB

PROS: English menu, location, fast service, loud music

CONS: No English-speaking staff, loud music, minimal beer

While outside of my general area of experience, clubs are not so far out of my realm of knowledge that I steer entirely clear of them. I have to admit that I don’t frequent them as much as I used to, but I’m still fairly up to date on what’s, “poppin” at the new “joints” in town. But, I have found myself wondering where I can go for that club feeling that isn’t all the same places we always go. I want a little spice in my after-hours life. Psyche Club is definitely not that same old place.

Just south of Xiaonanmen, on the inside of the wall, you’ll find Psyche Club (it should be easily found by even our most location challenged friends). Its massive black wall and brightly lit sign make sure you know where they are. You must descend into what at first feels like a slightly seedy dungeon, but turns out to be a spacious and comfortable cave. As you walk down the stairs you’ll be drawn to their spaceman guarding the door, but make sure you check out the walls too, which have been painted to look like galaxies. Inside this futuristic cave is a fantastic blend of graffiti art and trippy backlight triangles, with its own spaceship-inspired bar. Walking into this bar I felt like I had just walked into every space bar ever depicted in all of our favorite sci-fi movies but the music didn’t quit hit the theme. Their DJ booth was playing all the same hip hop music that every other club throws on in between their DJs.

As for spacy drinks or something that will Psyche you out I’m sad to say they have no original cocktails. But, they have all the classics and ample liquor to make anything you want for 30-45RMB. They have about 15 beers available including Corona, Delirium and three other beers on tap. So, worry not beer drinkers there will be something for you. They also have a separate hookah bar set up and sell nitrous balloons for the enjoyment of people who want a little more out of their bar then just alcohol and music.

While none of the wait staff spoke English, their entire menu is in English and Chinese and my drinks were brought out faster than some other bars I’ve visited recently. I will probably find myself getting Psyched out and dancing late into the night sometime in the future at this mini-club.

Mike Gruendner is an Energizer bunny FOMO-ing at the mouth. He can be reached at