Y Bar

Article By Michael Gruendner

No.21, Shun Cheng South Road.
6:00pm – 3:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费:30RMB

PROS: Quiet, Location, Bourbon
CONS: No English, Small, Small Drink selection

I’m back at South Gate, where I feel more at home than anywhere else in world. I’ve come to quietly (and not so quietly) adore this part of Xi’an. Y Bar, a new addition to the South Gate bar scene, is nestled right at the end of the strip of bars just inside the east side of the gate. It’s close enough to walk to and far enough away from the noise to allow you to sit outside and have a conversation while enjoying the night air.

Their design might lead some to believe that this is a coffee shop, with flowers draped around the large front window, but one just needs to look a little closer to see the neat and well lit bar. They have small, but well rounded beer selection including Heineken, Brew Dog, Corona and an impressive liquor selection, such as some delicious brandy I enjoyed just before heading home.

Prices hover around 30RMB, so this place is definitely where you want to be if you want a quiet night out, but a night out all the same. Its small coffee shop feel adds to the relaxed vibe. While the inside wasn’t fully prepared, when they finish hanging up the last of the artwork the inside is going to be just relaxing as their patio. Even their bar snacks were a little different from the norm. They don’t stick to the standard spicy chips and peanuts; I was presented instead with a rarely seen bar snack, which was an added bonus to my night out. I have to admit that I was so taken by this place that I lost track of time and ended up sticking around for far longer than I had intended. This nice little spot will suck you in and make you want to stay for hours. It’d be a shame if I was the only one who managed to find the bar that doesn’t ask Y, by instead asks Y not?

I’ll definitely be asking myself the latter question every night I go out for the foreseeable future. Maybe you should too.




Mike Gruendner is an Energizer bunny FOMO-ing at the mouth. He can be reached at reviews@xianease.com