Hangang Korean Grill 汉江韩式烧烤餐厅

Article By David Lee

Le Meridien Xi’an Chanba, No.6 West Section, Euro-Asia Avenue, Chanba Ecological District
(029) 8793 2960
11:30am – 2:00pm
5:30pm – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 168RMB

PROS: Spend a night in the lap of luxury
CONS: A little out of the way

Hangang Korean Grill begs for your attention while hiding in plain sight.

It’s impossible not to be impressed as you cross the Chanhe River and slowly approach the Le Meridian Hotel, a 34-story monolith lit up like Times Square, just inside the Third Ring Road. With the highest of expectations, I walked past a Terracotta Warrior riding a Vespa in the hotel lobby into Hangang Korea Grill. It did not disappoint.

The restaurant looks obsessed-over. Intricate lighting fixtures hang over each table, menus are in elegant leather covers, the silverware has a nice weight to it and even the plates and cups look unique. This location would be perfect for dates or business meetings—basically any situation in which you’d want to feel rich and important. Everything about the décor feels aspirational and luxurious.

They offer both à la carte and all-you-can-eat options. Obviously, I opted for the latter. A nice detail here is, with each meat option, they tell you exactly how many grams you are getting so you can properly gauge how much to order without having to force-feed yourself toward the end of the meal.

As is the case with all Korean barbeque restaurants, the meat is grilled at the table. Hangang uses electric grills, which I was initially hesitant toward. I was pleasantly surprised that these grills allow the flavor of the meat to shine, while also allowing the grill to heat up and cool down as desired. All the meat was fresh and clean, but the beef was a standout, especially the short ribs. To maintain the clean aesthetic of the restaurant, the meat arrives separated from the bone, but still melts in your mouth.

Even for the less carnivorously-inclined there are plenty of options. The complimentary side dishes are also surprisingly diverse and add a layer of depth to the meal. Seafood offerings from marinated squid to an incredible scallop dish round out the menu. The drink menu has all different kinds of Korean beverages, from soju to makkeoli, Korean rice wine.

However, while the service was adequate, there is still a little room to improve. The restaurant opened in mid-January, and it seems like the servers are not yet fully informed. The meat would come in large platters and it was difficult to find out which cut of meat was which. Some requests for drinks or side dishes had to be given two or three times. I am sure with some more time, the wait staff will catch up to all the other excellent aspects of the Hangang experience.

David Lee is a reviewer for Xianese hoping to eventually write something as good as “real g’s move in silence like lasagna.”
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