Next Door Hot Pot 隔壁子火锅(电视塔店)

Article By David Lee

100m east, Zhu Que Street and Chang An East Road Intersection
(029) 8525 0555
11:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 65RMB

PROS: Exactly what you’d want from a Hot Pot location
CONS: No English speakers

The TV Tower branch of GeBiZi is a great option for those wanting some well-executed hot pot.

Located a few blocks from the Hui Zhan Zhong Xin subway stop, this humble establishment blends in amongst the array of Chinese restaurants. The newly opened store delivers an above average hot pot experience for reasonable prices.

For those living in the south part of the city, the stretch from the TV Tower to the Dayanta has some of the best and most accessible eateries in Xi’an. Next Door can definitely hold its own as a great hot pot experience for mid-sized groups. The tables are a good size and the pot is large enough for many pairs of chopsticks to dig around for goodies.

The wooden interior adds a certain class to the affair. The aged wooden tables look traditional but also feature electric plugs and USB ports on both sides. The restaurant is very clean and doesn’t give you any reason to question safety and health practices.

The 三鲜 Broth I ordered was really flavorful. That says a lot because it is not spicy at all but is still able to pack a punch. Although I cannot speak for the other broths, I can only imagine they are also of high quality. The vegetables were really crisp—I never thought radishes could be so tasty—and the meats were fresh. The menu has all the different things you would expect at a hot pot place. If you have any go-to orders, you can trust to find it here.

The only slight discomfort is that the menu is all in Chinese. The staff also does not seem to have English speakers. The wait staff was, however, friendly enough to work us through the menu and help us get what we wanted with our limited language abilities. The service was generally great even with the language barrier.