MED Restaurant & Bar 地中海餐厅

Article By Anthony Cordina

2nd Floor C Block of Wangfujing Nanguan Street, Beilin District
(029) 8525 6785
11:00am – 11:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 160RMB

PROS: Great atmosphere, great views, great food
CONS: There isn’t a show to watch every night!

Abetter location in Xi’an there is not.  You can choose to enjoy your meal outside amongst the glass facades of the Wangfujing high-end shopping complex, inside near the bar or at the back near the open kitchen. It’s at the back where the magic happens. As soon as the sun goes down the lights on the city wall light up and the soft, slow tempo music of the restaurant fades and gives way to the awesomeness of the classical Chinese music being played over the loud speakers from the gardens below. Through the wall to ceiling windows you will be able to watch the long line of traditionally dressed performers dancing and parading towards The South Gate. These shows are not an every night occurrence, so you must plan your booking (usually weekends) if you want to take advantage of this added perk but the night view of the wall is yours to enjoy seven nights a week .

The two gentlemen behind this amazing restaurant are Mr. Jack Yan, the operations manager and Chef Sean, the head chef, both of whom have had experience working with Michelin Star chefs in first tier cities around China. Since graduating with a degree in hotel management and hospitality, Mr. Jack Yan has had experience working onboard the Royal Caribbean USA as well as upmarket restaurants in Beijing. Chef Sean is an absolute master of his craft and spent the most part of six years sleeping as little as three hours a night while learning under the great Daniel Boulud in order to reach his current level of mastery. Their aim at MED is not just to bring the finest foods and ingredients from the Mediterranean right to the people of Xi’an, but the entire dining experience as well.

The menu is seasonal to ensure that your meals are always made with the freshest ingredients and the presentation is so beautifully elegant that your girlfriend is sure to ignore you entirely in favor of snapping up a thousand photos to share on her Wechat moments. You can choose from a set menu or a la carte if you prefer. All the staff are exceptionally well trained, English is well accommodated and the divine details of every ingredient in each dish will be shared with you upon being served. Perfect for group dinners or a romantic night with your significant other, you won’t find better than MED, the finest dining experience I’ve had in Xi’an thus far.

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