Moeoni Ramen 燃鬼拉面

Article By Mike Leaner

4F, Kaide Square, No.64, West of South 2rd Ring Road.
(029) 8527 0894

B1, SKP, Nan Guan Zheng Jie.

B1, Zhong Da International Shopping Mall, No.72, Gaoxin Road.
(029) 8928 9069

B1, Jin Hui Huan Qiu Square,No.885,Yanta South Road.
雁塔南路885号 金辉·环球广场b1层B-09号

10:00am -10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 50RMB

PROS: Good food, fast service

CONS: More of a quick lunch than a more leisurely experience

We live in the Noodle City, but even though I love me a bowl of youpo noodles, Japanese-style ramen hits a spot none of the local delicacies can. It’s the flavorful broth that really gets me, and if you’re looking for the same then Moeoni Ramen might just be the place for you.

Located in Kaide Plaza on the Second Ring Road, Moeoni is like a lot of Japanese restaurants in Xi’an in that it tries to transport you into the land of the Rising Sun with its décor. It’s 90% counter seating, centered around their kitchen so you can check out your food while it’s being prepared. There are no servers here; you’ll order off the touch screen in front of the restaurant and use WeChat Wallet or Alipay to pay the bill right away. It’s convenient for sure and great for a no-fuss dining experience.

The food itself is great, with fresh broth made daily in the traditional method. You can get just the base model ramen, or you might get the version that has an entire chicken coop of hard-boiled eggs, or the spicy broth, or you might get the one where the broth is separate. It’s mostly variations on a theme, but you can get some stuff on the side like fried chicken or dumplings. My companions and I tried all of the above and were surprised at the portion sizes, which left us stuffed. Luckily it’s not just a bunch of food, everything was tasty, so much so that I sucked down every drop of broth after.

Moeoni is great at what it does, but it’s not going to be a good fit for parties larger than three or for a more leisurely meal. Additionally, it’s kind of a small place that fills up quick around peak meal times. However, if you’re shopping at Kaide or just in the area and want something quick and easy and tasty, there are few options better than this.

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