Caught in the Stream 4 Music APP to Replace Spotify

Article by XIANEASE

Music is something universal to almost everyone and, no matter what kind of music you love, it’s hard to imagine going without it for more than a short while. But since no one really “owns” music anymore, we now rely on streaming apps to get our fix. If you’re one of those people who was constantly going to YouTube or Spotify for your music needs, your time on the Mainland has probably been very quiet and lacking in rhythm. That’s all about to change, because we, your musically inclined friends at Xianease, are going to change your life and tell you about a few apps you could use to fill the Spotify-shaped hole in your heart (and ears).

A couple things to mention before we start: if you’re an Android user you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding or downloading these apps; if you are an iOS user, these apps will only be available on the Chinese App Store due to international licensing issues. Additionally, over the past couple of years these apps have been more legitimately acquiring licenses to their music libraries, and as such the availability of certain artists and songs is fluid, but generally the most popular stuff is readily available. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one of these apps, because if you can’t find what you’re looking for on one of them, another is almost certain to have it. All of these apps are free but offer VIP memberships. Beware of fakes.