Sun Tea 新作的茶

Article By Mike Leaner

No 18, Wenyi Bei Lu.
137 2043 7495
10:30am – 9:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 18RMB

PROS: Affordable, refreshing drinks on the go

CONS: I would totally sit at a table and waste the day away if they had a place to do so, but it is what it is

I’ve reviewed a lot of places since getting involved with Xianease, but Sun Tea posed a particularly unique challenge for me and my amazing reviewing abilities: it’s just a window. Sat on the corner of Wenyi Road and Jianxi Street, this to-go drink shop is a bit inconspicuous, but a lovely place to stop if you’re parched.

Ordering a drink couldn’t be easier. Their whole menu is on a placard right on the counter and is, thankfully, in English, so if your “drink Chinese” isn’t up to snuff, it would be easy enough to point out what you want. Better yet, if you don’t know what you want, the friendly staff is more than willing to highlight some of their specialties and help you find something suitable (for this, you may have to speak a little bit of Chinese—knowing how to say “hot,” “cold” and “sweet” may be enough though).

As for me, I took the cashier’s recommendation for a strawberry iced tea. It came up fast, within a minute or two, and was filled to the brim with bright red fruit tea and chunks of fresh berries. I was a bit confused when they asked if I wanted it “to-go,” as I didn’t think there was any other option, but the distinction they’re trying to make is “drink it now, or drink it later.” I chose the latter, and it kept very well for the half-hour it took me to fight traffic to get to the office, where I enjoyed my lightly sweet, very fruity drink.

Overall, Sun Tea gets a hearty recommendation from me. Its teas are refreshing, the milk teas creamy and delicious, and it’s located in a part of the city that sorely needed something like this. The fact that it’s easy and affordable is just icing on the cake.

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