Tianyu Fields Garden Cafe 天宇菲尔德花园餐厅

Article By David Lee

No.239, Sheng Zhou 3 Road, Aerospace Economic and Technological Development Zone.
(029) 8925 6666
9:00am – 9:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 128RMB for breakfast/lunch / 138RMB for dinner

PROS: Wide variety, generally excellent

CONS: Few standout dishes

When you just can’t decide what exactly you want to eat, head on over to the Skyfield Garden Buffet and get a little bit of everything.

Located on the first floor of the Tianyu Fields International Hotel, the namesake restaurant serves a wide assortment of Chinese and western food for a flat price.

The hotel lobby immediately hits you with a sense of luxury, which is only augmented by the vibe of the restaurant. Make no mistakes, this is still a self-service buffet so don’t expect a Michelin Star experience. Nevertheless, this is where the rich and hungry go to gorge themselves. Expect to leave TianYu fields satisfied and lethargic.

As is the case with most self-service buffets, it’s tough to pinpoint what exactly the specialty is at TianYu Fields. They have standard western fare: fries, pizza, steak. They also provide a decent amount of common Chinese cuisine, like twice-cooked pork and cold vegetables. The seafood table has some sushi and raw shellfish, as well as some fish and snails.

Some of the highlights include the zhuafan, a dish from the western province of Xinjiang with racks of spiced lamb served over seasoned rice. The strong taste of the lamb might overwhelm some palettes, but its combination of flavors was something you just can’t find often. The noodle bar and pre-cooked hot pot sticks also packed a punch. Drinks, including wine and domestic beer, come with the initial cost.
The dessert itself might be worth the price of admission. A wide assortment of cakes, pies, puddings, coffees and teas are available. There is also a large chocolate fondue station, which is always more fun and delicious than I initially expect.

And for a buffet, the service at the restaurant is excellent. Whenever I left to get a new plate, my table was cleaned and water refilled. There are some workers with excellent English proficiency to offer aide and recommendations as necessary. Everyone is happy to offer a smile and take care of whatever you might need.

TianYu Fields is tucked into a part of the city with little competition. If you find yourself near the hotel and are looking for a hodgepodge of foods, known and unknown, this is the place to be.

David Lee is a reviewer for Xianease hoping to eventually write something as good as “real g’s move in silence like lasagna.”
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