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Halloween is coming. It’s the best holiday of the year (Christmas, eat your heart out), and a good costume is mandatory, whether you need something for your school’s Halloween party, or something to wake up in on November 1st after a night of partying too hard. We, your spooky friends at Xianease, know that looking great on All Hallow’s Eve can be difficult to do on your own, so we dug around and found some places that will sell you a costume that’s sure to impress wherever you’re celebrating this creepy occasion (such as the Xianease Magazine Halloween Pub Crawl on October 26th…HINT).

West Street
Costume Market

An old standby when trolling around for random holiday crap, the West Street Costume Market has a lot to offer as far as costumes and related regalia are concerned. You can find masks, boas, makeup, props and more here, if you’re willing to shop in the traditional Chinese manner of finding something you like and then pretending you don’t want it so bad as you haggle the price down. This market is probably best for putting the finishing touches on a costume, but who knows what wonders you might find?
Address: #40, Xi Da Jie (西大街40号)

East Street Hair
And Makeup Market

A market more in the business of selling cosmetics, the East Street Hair and Makeup Market will be a valuable resource for more DIY cosplayers. You’ll find nearly every kind of makeup and hair product you could imagine, and, if you don’t have any hair or just need some new hair, wigs are available as well.
Address: #1, Dong Da Jie (东大街1号)

Xingshang Stage
Costume Store

Normally in the business of renting out costumes for stage shows, Xingshang’s inventory is staggering. A look at their website shows a selection that runs the gamut from traditional Chinese clothing to a giant banana suit. You won’t be buying costumes from these guys, merely renting—you’ll choose what you want on their website, show up to the store in person, pay the deposit, and finally SHAZAM you’re a banana. A good choice for those who want a more impressive costume but don’t want to invest in something that’ll hang in a closet for the other 364 days of the year.
Address: Room 4A2003, Building 4, North Zone of Zhong Mao Plaza.
Tel: 180-8920-7339


And, of course, the place to find every conceivable product known to man, Taobao will do well for your Halloween needs. Anyone already Taobao-savvy won’t need our help with this one, but we did go through the trouble of finding a reputable vendor for those of you who aren’t.


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