TipsyCeram(china) Bar 陶瓷鸡尾酒体验中心

Article By Mike Leaner

East Gate of Tiyuchang Stadium,Changan North Road.
(029) 8541 6130
11:00am-6:00pm   Coffee
6:00pm-2:00am   Wine&Whisky

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 80RMB

PROS: Great drinks, service and atmosphere

CONS: None

At the Tiyuchang Stadium, tucked almost inconspicuously next to a Pacific Coffee, lays a little cocktail bar called Tipsyceram. It’s of a piece with many bars that popped up during Xi’an’s cocktail renaissance, in that it has that “happy hour at the Overlook Hotel” vibe—sultrily lit, hardwood and leather, evocative of a bygone era when men that looked like Don Draper drowned themselves with highballs while chain-smoking indoors. I’m a sucker for this aesthetic, but, as always, it comes down to one thing: how’re the drinks?

In short: good. But before those came, my companions and I were treated to a few snacks; nothing super fancy, just some spicy lotus root, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce and spicy fish skin (which I’m not into, but hey, you might be). It wasn’t anything extravagant, so don’t plan on having a full meal when you stop by, but it was light and tasty and a welcome addition to the experience. As for the drinks, they were superb. The menu is filled to the brim with “fancy” cocktails—the kind that have flavors like “elderflower” in them—each one more interesting than the last. I found particular enjoyment in the “apple pie old fashioned,” but my “Kyoto Sour,” a sake-based, matcha-infused take on the whiskey sour that was strange at first but quickly grew on me. My companions also greatly enjoyed their maitais and mulled wines. It’s definitely a good idea to peruse through the menu and try out some of their unique mixed drinks, but if you’re more of a traditionalist there are classic cocktails and a long list of silky smooth whiskeys.

The night unspooled into a long, luxurious evening of spirited conversation among friends, enabled by a relaxing atmosphere with some light music coming from the PA and impeccable service from the staff. At the end of it, I wasn’t any surer what a “ceram” was, but it was certainly a nice place to be tipsy at. If you like your cocktails and are up for a new spot to enjoy the company of others over a good drink, be sure to give this one a try.

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