Mojar 么哈

Article by James Morrow

No.105, Xing Di Biao Entertainment Mall, Luo Ma Shi..

Average Price per Person /人均消费:69RMB

The bar scene in Xi’an has really taken off in recent years, with the number of offerings far outstripping any person’s ability to try them all. However, one thing that many bars have in common is price. Recreational drinking can be expensive these days. In a world of 80+RMB cocktails and expensive beers, it’s nice to have a place that you can go to have a good time, without breaking the bank. Enter Mojar.

Mojar may not be the first cheap bar in Xi’an, but it is, by far, one of the nicest. Situated at the Luoma Shi Walking Street, Mojar has tons of seating, both out on the ‘patio’ and inside, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a spot to sit. The place is decorated with bright colors, photos, and flags, adding to the party-like atmosphere. They also have a magnetic dart board and a pool table. Also, the music in here is loud. Not quite club loud, but this is not the place to go for a quiet conversation.

The first thing that you notice after scanning in for the menu (You need to follow their subscription account in order to place an order through your phone), is that most of the items on the menu can be had for quite cheap. The cheapest offerings on the menu are the basic mixed drink (think Rum & Coke; Gin & Tonic) which come in at a shocking 10RMB per glass. The drinks come in a standard rocks glass, roughly 330 ml, and taste about exactly as good as you would expect a 10RMB cocktail to taste. Not going to be winning any prizes, but definitely delivers for the value. There are also a wide variety of other cocktails, beers, and other beverages, including bottled 京A craft beer out of Beijing for around 24 a bottle. Mojar also offers up some of the best bar prices you will find on a selection of bottles, if you’d rather mix your own.

Mojar doesn’t just offer up drinks, but also provides a decent selection of foods, including a decent approximation of Mexican food, somewhat of a rarity in Xi’an. They have tacos, burritos, nachos, amongst some other offerings. They also have more common foods, like burgers, pizza, and the kind of fried foods that are often paired with alcohol. The tacos come with a choice of beef, chicken, or pork and come with the typical assortment of vegetables and salsa, all wrapped in both a hard corn tortilla and a soft flour tortilla, which adds a nice crunch while not completely falling apart in your hand.
One thing that definitely adds to the value of Mojar is signing up for a free membership deal. Going through their WeChat mini-program allows you to sign up for a membership, which will give you an assortment of discount coupons and special daily deals that can further make this one of the most affordable places to drink and eat.

Mojar is definitely a place to try out if you are looking to go out without spending a ton, and delivers on quality that is better than what you might typically find at this price point. As far as value for your money, this place can’t be beat.

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