Jiu Jian Shang She 玖间上舍·咖啡酒廊

Article by Jin and Francis

2F, Jiu Jian Shang She, De Fu Xiang.

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 49RMB

Situated towards the south end of De Fu Xiang, also known as “Bar Street” in Xi’an, this upscale boutique hotel brings new life, attitude, class, and, most importantly, revitalization to an area of Xi’an still suffering post-pandemic shutdown. The hotel itself just had its soft opening in October and occupies the street front of and several floors above a former bar. Jiu Jian Shang She is across from the now-closed 3 as 4 Bar, familiar to long-time Xi’an expats as a venue for pub trivia and other events and activities.

Walking into a welcoming and brightly-it reception area, you realize you are a world away from Bar Street. A short flight of stairs later and you can reach the bar and rooms. There are nine rooms in total (hence the name Jiu Jian), and they are reached by walking through a hallway of equidistant arches, separated by moss and stone gardens. By itself, the hallway offers many opportunities for those eager to take eye-catching photos. Upon entering your room, the window hangings automatically draw open and you realize you have taken a small step into the future. Smart curtains, lighting, and climate control means that you can pre-set your room’s conditions through an app, activated upon check-in.

Each room is different – their layouts, amenities, and names are all unique (they are each named after bars or cafes on Bar Street, many of which are no longer there).The executive suite is the most spacious single room, with a full wall of windows looking out into a community courtyard. It, along with the honeymoon suite and a two-story suite each feature a sizable bathtub, balcony area, and couches. All rooms are tastefully decorated, notably with real wooden panels and greenery. Standard rooms have divided bathrooms with a toilet separated from the shower. Additionally, each room is able to accommodate additional occupants using a throw mattress. The rooms run from 580/night for a tatami-style room with a mattress to the two-story suite for 1680/night.

Just down the hall from the rooms is the bar area. The bar is without a doubt the friendliest and cleanest on the street, and in many ways emulates a Parisian cafe. Some immediately notable features include what is quite possibly Xi’an’s only La Marzocco Leva coffee machine, a Kawai Grand Piano, a projector, clean and odorless western toilets, and a wall of movable windows that open onto a balcony that provides views up and down bar street. The bartenders were friendly, professional, and were quickly able to explain the menu and answer our questions.

They have an extensive beverage menu, which notably includes a long list of cocktails, whiskey tasting sets, bubble tea, a selection of coffees, and wines from France, Italy, Chile, and Australia. Food items are currently limited to fried snacks, but their menu will expand with pastries and other good eats in the coming weeks and months. We personally sampled the Pink, Old Fashioned, and Rose drinks. The old fashioned was a hefty take on the classic with several whiskey shots and balanced orange-peel aromatics. The Pink, a mix of sake, pomegranate juice, and egg whites, was sweet and fruity, while the Rose, a wine-based beverage, arrived in a glass coated with petal pieces.

Given the modern comforts, photogenic environment, and drink menu with a balance of classics and sweeter, more accessible items, we confidently describe this hotel as lady-friendly. A great recommendation for visiting friends. Foreign passport holders welcome starting in December. Inquire for details.

Jin and Francis are both teachers in Xi’an, and love exploring food. They can be contacted at jin@xianease.com and francis@xianease.com.

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