Super WOW ChuanChuan 超级凹串串 (西安SKP店)

Article By Steve Calvi

B1, SKP Shopping Mall, Changan North Rd.
(029) 8369 8669

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 100RMB

You haven’t really lived in china if you’ve never had ChuanChuan! A simple but delicious dish originated from Chongqing and rapidly spread to all of the country. Once, a cheap and common food of most street food streets, ChuanChuan has slowly moved upstream with restaurants opening in some of the more fancy malls around the country and obviously Xi’an.

One notable restaurant is “Super Wow ChuanChuan” or “chao ji wa ChuanChuan” a lovely new spot located in SKP mall near the south gate
Located on the lower floor B1 close to the supermarket, this restaurant definitely stands out with its unique look. Plants adorn the walls giving you a sense of freshness and calm, enhanced by the mist descending from the ChuanChuan fridges. The restaurant looks quite refined, with comfortable seating and the ability to seat bigger parties.

Once seated, we were immediately presented with the menu and told about any of the deals of the day. Our choice was half spicy, half bone soup, mainly for my broccoli and corn. The spicy pot was very pleasant and aromatic and not overly overpowering while the bone pot was a delicious and rich soup that was a treat to sip on.

With a great spread of skewers to choose from and a nice selection of pot “soups”, you can mix and match all the ingredients to satisfy your most luxurious needs! Being a meat lover I was pleasantly surprised with the wide selection of meats, beef is my go to and Super Wow didn’t disappoint. A pleasant surprise from the big drink selection was the beer with some imported German beers, weissbier, and Hoegaarden.

After our usual hour and a half, and feeling very full, we were told that writing a comment on DaZhongDianPing 大众点评 would award us with a lovely scoop of Häagen-Dazs icecream……and we wrote!!

Super Wow is definitely a great choice if you’re feeling in the mood for a quality and relaxed eat so if you are around SKP and fancy something good, this place should definitely be one of your options.

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