Tim Hortons 咖啡 (万象天地店)

Article By James Morrow

L154, Wan Xiang Tian Di, No.1111,
Yan Zhan Rd.
(029) 8966 1023
7:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 35RMB

C anada’s favorite coffee shop hit Chinese shores in early 2019, with their first store opening in Shanghai. Since then they have expanded to other large cities in China, with their most recent opening right here in Xi’an on July 29th. The shop, located at MIXC not far from exit C of the HuiZhanZhongXin Metro stop is a bit of an odd choice, being far from the downtown area, but is likely just the beginning of their expansion in Xi’an.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Tim Hortons (often called simply Tim’s) is a much beloved café franchise that serves an assortment of coffee beverages and lunch and breakfast time foods. However, those that are familiar with the brand from its Canadian store will find the menu a bit different. While there are many staples of the standard menu on offer, much of the menu has be adapted to the local palate, with plenty of matcha and fruit flavored beverage on offer, such as the Matcha Peach Coconut Milk Tea.

Doughnuts, a regular feature on the Tim Horton’s menu, are still available, but be prepared for a few unfamiliar flavors as well, though you can still get a box of Tim Bits. Bagels are also available, as well as a bagel sandwiches. There are also plenty of other goodies to try, so it’s worth stopping in for a taste test.

But of course, what is a coffee shop without the coffee. Many Canadians that I’ve met have sworn that Tim’s has the best coffee they’ve ever had. While there have been adaptations for the Chinese market, you can still find some regular coffee beverages (mostly espresso drinks) on the menu, thought they do also have brewed coffee for just 18RMB a cup. You can order this black, creamy, or as a Double Double – two creams two sugars. There are also maple coffee beverages and the Iced Caps – a frozen blended beverage.

Lines the first few days have been out the doors, but soon should settle into a regular routine. The shop opens from 7AM daily, making it one of the few places in the city where you can actually get coffee before 10AM, so if you’re looking for a new place to get breakfast or you just want a tasty doughnut, bagel, or coffee, then stop by Tim’s soon.

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