Fujishi 福吉屋·创作料理·酒场

Article By Jin and Francis

1F, Han Sheng Shopping Mall,
Wen Jing Rd.
(029) 8619 9200

Average Price per Person /人均消费:95RMB

The first thing we noticed when we arrived at Fuji was that the environment was innovative and had a kind of night club-like vibe. We could easily imagine such a restaurant in some trendy neighborhood of Tokyo. The restaurant just opened in May, but it was quite full even though we arrived later on a Wednesday evening.

One of the first things we tried were two cocktails from their menu, which has not one but TWO pages devoted to cocktails! Before we get into the drinks themselves, a couple things to know: this restaurant has a well-stocked bar and a serious bartender who actually cares about his drink making (very different from most bars in Xi’an – incredible, we know). A special note for Jason, Xianease’s resident cocktail man – you should seriously go check out the bar. Also, most of these cocktails were made with sake or shochu. I, too, needed a crash course in the difference between shochu and sake, so here it is: shochu is a distilled beverage that can be made from a wide variety of ingredients such as rice, barley, sweet potatoes, or even brown sugar. Sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed from rice in a process similar in some ways to making beer, which also gives it a slightly lower alcohol content.

Now on to the drinks: they were delicately portioned. First we tried the Pink – sake, lemon juice, grenadine syrup. Second, we tried the Osmanthus – shochu, dry vermouth, Osmanthus, and lime juice. They were fragrant and tasty and the combination of the two was like sitting in an Osmanthus and Pomegranate orchard.
Francis immediately ordered a beer, which arrived very quickly, shortly followed by some complimentary fruit (Hami melon). The beer was quite cold, which was perfect. This was representative of the service and food delivery: the food came out very, very fast.

The marinated BBQ beef ribeye was delicious. It seems like they used decently high-quality beef. We also tried their grilled Chub mackerel (qinghuayu青花鱼). The fish presentation was entertaining as they grilled it with a torch tableside. We also tried their cold tofu, volcano mashed potatoes, and cheesy shrimp, fried chicken, chicken skewers, and Fujishi sushi roll.

First, we need to say that the portions were generous. And we aren’t just talking about the chicken or beef, but also the tobiko (roe from flying fish). There were MOUNTAINS of the tiny red and orange eggs. The volcano mashed potatoes were literally overflowing with it. The sushi roll, already featuring grilled eel, was actually unstable on the plate given it had a colossal portion of roe teetering at the top like an orange Mt. Fuji. The shrimp had cheese oozing over the sides but also had their own miniature Mt. Fuji of tobiko. If this restaurant is anything, it certainly is not stingy.

And with that, do we recommend? Yes we do, strongly. Enjoy! Let us know what you think.

If you give this a try, let us know about your experience by messaging us at reviews@xianease.com.