Can’t Keep the Harriers Down!

Article by Indiana Bones

The Xi’an Hash House Harriers (XH3) are proud to announce the return of the ‘Drinking Club with a running problem’. Once more the ayis of Xi’an have been confused by strange chalk marks appearing on the pavements and even stranger foreigners running around shouting ‘On! On!’.
After a hiatus of 24 months, for reasons which I am sure everyone reading will be able to imagine, the XH3 has started up once more. Although our first two runs played it safe and stuck to the city moat area, our second run struck out to investigate the city metropolis of Gaoxin. Our costumed run on October 31st saw the whole Addams family, a couple of witches and a warrior turn up, and once we had helped the people who hadn’t managed to find costumes dress up as mummies (aka wrapped them up in TP) we headed out for an epic trail along the Chan He (浐河). Ducking into corner shops at regular intervals to warm up!

What is the Hash House Harriers?
If at this point you have no idea what I am referring to then it would appear that you have had the (mis)fortune of never having run into the HHH before. The origins of Hashing (捷途) are lost in the mists of history, but the HHH now has chapters throughout the world. The aim of the event is to drink beer and follow a trail which a fellow hasher (the hare) has set for everyone else to (attempt) to follow. The hash represents a great opportunity to meet people and see new parts of the city, or even see parts of the city you thought you knew well from a completely different angle.
When is it?
The XH3 runs every Sunday with a run fee of 30 RMB covering the cost of the activity and all beverages on trail. The next run will be at 2pm on Sunday the 14th of November meeting at the south gate of Geming Park (革命公园南门). Although we are just starting up we look forward to being able to host countryside (乡下) runs once a month after the New Year. Also, look out for the City Wall Santa run next month!
HHH is an equal opportunity club and open to people of all ages and levels of fitness. There are two trails usually consisting of three or more legs punctuated by ‘beer stops’. The walking trail is usually 4-6 km long while the running trail is around 10 -12 km (more if you lose the trail). Look forward to seeing you on trail! On! On!