EAad 2023 Graduation Show

The 2023 EAaD School Graduation Works Exhibition takes design in the”post-digital” era as the proposition, carries out design practices and social service projects. The exhibition continues to emphasize the social awareness and sense of responsibility of designers, and constantly explores new paths to improve technology and creativity.

This exhibition includes 200 groups of works from 412 students majoring in Environmental Design, Digital Media Art, and Visual Communication Design. It represents an important step in the growth of young designers with contemporary attributes and social thinking.

Student’s Work:”Renovation and Collective Memory of Xi ‘an Kun Zhongying Lane”by Liu Jiangwei, Chen Zikai
Student’s Work: ” EURASIA wisdom campus”by Fang Xu, Tang Jiajun, Wu Yuchen, Ren Yingzhen
Student’s Work: “Enjoy Slowdown&Return” by Deng Shiman


7 design feasts in 2 days .Visual, digital, image, space culture and other fields of interaction.
Creation and creativity.Collision and sharing.

Date:May 12th
“Research on the Problems and Design Countermeasures of Integrating the Elderly into the Digital Society” by Xue Yanmin.
“Insight unseen, System Design” by Shi Chunsheng.
“Routine Concepts and Routine Construction” by Li Shaochong.

Date:May 13th
“Personal City” by Wang Ying.
“Ways to Promote Innovation and Creativity” by Yang Hua.
“Twelve Cases of New Media Artistic Creation of the Young Generation in China “by Li Zhen.
“Technological Reflection and Emotional Expression” by Yanfeng.

We welcome you to our exhibition to witness the birth of the new generation designers.

Online & Offline
Xi ‘an Eurasia Aide School of Art and Design 2023 graduation exhibition
Online exhibition site:http://art.eaad.design