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It’s no secret that people here love a nice beer in a can or bottle. Often you can find one table with 10-20 at a time. And I’m sure we are all familiar with the sweet bottled Rio drinks lining the fridges of Everydays all over the city. But I foresee something new on the horizon. Because why should you only put beer in a can or bottle; why not a refreshing chardonnay or a Manhattan cocktail? Yeah, we are officially in the future.


Even though the summer is winding down, there is still plenty of time left to crack open a cold one. But the question is, which cold one to crack open? While there are plenty of imported options available to quench your thirst and numerous craft brews, the imports come with a heavy tax and the craft beer comes with the craft tax, taking their prices well above what you’d pay for an equivalent local beer. So, if you’re looking for cold, refreshing, moderately alcoholic beers to carry you through an evening of barbeque al fresco, consider some of these local options.

The Life of Foreign Students in Xi’an

Sometimes the difficult memories can be the ones that stick with you in the most detailed way – like trying to cram the most important physical pieces of your life into a 30kg piece of luggage and moving to an unfamiliar new country and city. I still remember walking out of the T2 arrivals terminal at Xianyang airport, rehearsing how to say the address of my university in Chinese over and over again in my head so that a taxi driver wouldn’t get confused by my poor intonation of tones. Fast forward four years later, a bucketful of new memories and experiences, great friendships and some faded acquaintances, we arrive to the present day where I find myself trying to accurately puzzle together my experiences and feelings about life in one of China’s most historical and beautiful cities: Xi’an.

Studying Abroad for an Undergraduate Degree: an insider perspective and tips from a college counselor

Are you a Chinese student who wants to study abroad for an undergraduate degree? Or perhaps you are a foreign teacher in Xi’an who has students looking to study abroad? Or perhaps you are a family with a third-culture child who you want to send to abroad for school? No matter who you are, I hope you find something useful in this article.

Preservation and Conservation of the Xi’an City Wall

The fortifications of Xi’an, better known as the Xi’an City Wall, are a prominent feature of Xi’an and are often used in the symbolism and iconography of the city. As one of the largest and most complete fortifications of its kind, the Xi’an city wall has endured the constant expansion and renovations of a modern Chinese city. In fact, the Xi’an City Wall has been incorporated into the infrastructure of the city, standing not only as a testament to the historical nature of the city, but also as a functional part of the overall landscape.

China makes my Childhood dreams come true – And why does that matter

Do you remember your childhood dreams? The things you visualized when you were still playing with your toys? There was a lot of fantasy and magic, but also lots of wishes on what you would be when you grow up. There were also some discrepancies (like being too old at 30) but overall, all of us had some sort of visualization that being here, in China, made it possible to reach.

Let’s say, for example, that you had a difficult childhood and wanted some things your family couldn’t afford. You came to China and all of a sudden you had this amazingly crazy lifestyle where you can simply buy those videogames, cameras, gadgets or toys you always wanted.

Journey into the Sound of the Silk Road

“Sound of the Silk Road” premiered to thunderous applause on July 23rd 2021, in Xi’an at the Shaanxi Grand Theater. The production was a collaboration begun under the leadership of Dr. Zhou Bing, chairman of the Shaanxi Tourism Group Co. who originally envisioned the production, US production company Nederlander, Broadway Executive Producer Don Frantz (of Lion King fame) who expertly organized both Chinese and American talents, and Broadway director Gabriel Barre (Amazing Grace, The Wild Party). The musical honestly revealed the magnificence that can be created when Western and Eastern cultures bring together their unique strengths and talents to collectively design something amazing.

China’s Hawaii – A Look at Hainan

Summers are made for the beach. Even if you spent your youth landlocked far from any shore, the basic idea still stick with most people through the popular zeitgeist. It used to be common for those desiring summer beach time to hop on a plane to Thailand or the Philippines and within hours, be basking in a tropical sun. However, with the COVID-19 situation not seeming to be getting much better abroad, the idea of drinking cold cocktails while looking out at the ocean seems a distant, if not impossible, dream.

臻影流光 至简不凡 劳斯莱斯古思特加长版 举行媒体艺术品鉴会

2021年9月,西安 近日,劳斯莱斯·西安携劳斯莱斯古思特加长版车型,驾临西安电影制片厂星光大道,与西安本地最具艺术气息之地共争辉,打造了一场别具一格的电影艺术鉴赏盛宴。作为最具先进科技的劳斯莱斯车型之一,古思特加长版以“以约驭博”的设计理念,以一件艺术品的姿态,在光影之间尽情展示焕然风采。 劳斯莱斯汽车西安总经理闵更乾先生表示:“劳斯莱斯古思特加长版来到西安电影制片厂,是劳斯莱斯品牌与电影艺术的一次美好相遇。作为西安市的艺术圣地,西安电影制片厂拥有辉煌的艺术成就,产出了一大批享誉世界的优秀艺术作品,这正如拥有百年历史的劳斯莱斯品牌,以艺术品般的设计和魅力,致力于带给中国消费者最极致的产品和最完善的服务。” 劳斯莱斯古思特加长版车型基于劳斯莱斯专属“奢华架构”打造,采用了劳斯莱斯最新的设计语言,全铝车身架构具有灵活性高、扩展性强等特性,完美满足古思特加长版对美学设计感与机械独特性的双重需求,在劳斯莱斯汽车的产品矩阵中,凸显其刚柔并济的非凡特质。古思特加长版采用了与劳斯莱斯幻影类似的设计理念,“欢庆女神”傲然独立矗于发动机舱盖上方,一条笔直修长的车身线贯穿车身侧面,充分彰显其修长的车身,并与从船舶设计中借鉴来的“飘驰线”相对照,利用反射光照亮车身表面,营造出一种简单纯粹的动感。 Read More …