Role Models:Yafei Li

I am currently retraining as lawyer and working as a freelance language specialist in the meantime. Mostly I tutor English, but I also teach Chinese privately and work as an interpreter.

I’m from Xi’an, but have only recently returned from living in Switzerland. I’ve also lived in the US, as well as France and Italy.
Many of my hobbies are language-based. Writing is a solace to me, I am working on a novel and also enjoy playing around with words to make poetry. Back in Shanghai, I also really enjoyed debating, but haven’t been able to do that for a long time.

AWE Meeting and Women’s Day Walk

The AWE Society met in the Gingko Restaurant on 2nd March. Nineteen women attended, nine of whom were new members. It was agreed that the AWE provided an important space for women to support each other to and to talk through their problems. For many of the members AWE provides a place to connect with other women. The post-COVID many of our members have found that they are isolated with many of their friends and colleagues having moved away, or having moved back to Xi’an from other cities. Finally, several members noted that it was fantastic to be able to interact with people who are aspiring women in their fields.

Latest Recipe- Le Méridien Xi’an Chanba 西安浐灞艾美酒店·新食谱西餐厅

If you like amazing river views, fancy stuffing yourself silly with Xi’an bbq skewers, or just want to be pampered and enjoy outstanding service at a world-class hotel, then you should check out Le Méridien’s buffet.
It is literally in the river in Chanba – it is perched at the northern tip of an island in the river, with an incredible view and outdoor seating (in the summer). The restaurant itself is tastefully decorated with cuts of granite and marble that notably match the dishware and glassware. The dinner buffet runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and is a steal at 238/person (198/pax on dianping!).

Izakaya 敬·長安

Dining out has become a hallmark of the Xi’an experience. New restaurants open weekly it seems and sifting through the sea of options can be a job. Often times, great places are lost among the many new places that pop up, which is why I always enjoy trying places that have been around and still stand out among the new guard. I got an opportunity to try such a place at Izakaya.

Standing Café

Hidden deep within the folds of Gaoxin lies a little oasis, a small garden of Eden that offers relief and refreshment from the hustle and bustle of busy Xi’an city life. South on Line 6, a 5-minute walk from Mu Ta Si metro station, you’ll find a small park lush with trees, flowers and park benches. But the real hidden treasure lies on the periphery.

TOP5 Ways to Destress in Xi’an

Life in the big city can be stressful. With all of the people, constant traffic, and endless work, the stress of life can pack on quickly. Add in the stresses of the world at large and everything can start to feel a bit overwhelming. What’s needed is a way to destress, to pull away from the hustle and bustle and unwind for a bit. While it might not seem that way on the surface, there are actually quite a few remedies for the daily grind that are hiding away, just beneath the surface of Xi’an.

An Interview with Lianbang Dental Clinic Founder Dr. Deng Banglian

Dental health is important to your overall health, but for many expats, a visit to the dentist can be nerve wracking. Miscommunication can lead to detrimental consequences, so you want to make sure that your teeth are in the best care possible. That is why it is important to choose a place for care that is both well-equipped and well-qualified to meet your dental care needs. One such place is Lianbang Dental Clinic, a group of dental clinics dedicated to high-quality dental care. We interviewed the founder, Dr. Deng Banglian, to find out more about her company.


Good mental health helps us to effectively deal with stress, made good decisions, and relate positively to others. It can be as simple as a better night’s sleep, or it can be more complicated.
However, mental health is too frequently neglected, at least in part because it is often difficult to discuss openly. The reasons for this are many, including the shame and fear of being labelled “if I’m seen getting help” (stigma), a feeling that “nothing will help me” (hopelessness), or thinking “my problem isn’t that bad” (downplay/denial).