Interview with XIS’Brittainy Harris

Education is an ever-present concern for parents, especially for expat parents, who often don’t feel that they have the same options for educating their children as they would back home. Every parent only wants the best for their kids, so before signing up for a school, it’s best to get to know the educators at the forefront of your children’s education.
To help facilitate this, we interviewed Brittainy Harris, principal of Xi’an International School to find out more about the school and their approach to teaching.

Role Models:Jin Zhou

Can you introduce yourself? Job title, educational background, languages, hobbies, your family etc.

My name is Jin Zhou. Currently I work at Qujiang No.1 high school as an English teacher as well as a head teacher. I graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 2012, where I got a Masters of Education in English Teaching and two bachelor’s degrees, one in biology and one in English. I’ve also got a certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from the Confucius Institute. I have a lot of hobbies, including watching movies and playing switch. I also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like bicycling, skiing, hiking etc.

Xi’an Spring Eating Guide:The Herbs of Spring in Xi’an

For many locals in Xi’an, spring means eating the bounty of fresh herbs that grow for a short period during the spring. There is a saying that a spring without herbs is a soulless one. During springtime, you will most likely find many locals heading to the mountains and fields to dig up wild herbs with shovels in hands and sunhats on head, as the potherb is the soul of theirs and this is the way they greet Spring.

The Perils of Being an Expat How Living Abroad Impacts Your Mental Health

For many expats, the first time that we left home for the long term was one of the most exciting moments of our lives. An entirely new place, with people, cultures, and experiences that we had never sampled before. Whether it was a long, drawn out decision or one that was made spur of the moment, that decision most likely has had a huge impact on your life, for better or for worse.

How the Expat Life is Messing with Your Health

Being can be a fun and exciting lifestyle. That is, for many, the reason why we got started down this path to begin with. However, the expat life can also lead to some less than optimal behaviors that can affect your health, both mental and physical, that can cause discomfort beyond the normal. This can lead to feelings of discomfort that you might not experience if you had stayed at home.

Bell Ginkgo 银杏餐吧 (钟楼店)

If you asked many foreigners what food they missed most from home while living in China, the answer would often be cheese. While this food is very popular throughout much of the world, it is decidedly less popular here in China, with only a few examples of processed milk solids that barely passes for the real deal. Outside of the occasional foreign enclave in tier 1 cities, cheese can be difficult to come by except through shady Taobao dealers. Sometimes you just want to be able to walk into a shop and pick out a cheese or two, preferable with some cured meats and pickles. Luckily, Bell Ginkgo Restaurant and Bar offers exactly that, at reasonable prices as well.

Puxian 璞鲜·台州菜·经典粤菜

For many foreigners, especially those who have limited abilities in Chinese language, high-end Chinese restaurants can be a little intimidating. There are often long lists of dishes with unfamiliar names, and unusual ingredients that make it hard to know exactly what you are getting. This leads many people to stay in a narrow path of eating the exact same dishes at the exact same restaurants for nearly their entire stay. This is a shame, as Chinese cuisine has a great variety of dishes and sub-cuisines within it, and there are numerous things to try. Once place to try a different kind of cuisine is to try the restaurant Puxian.

Jackpot777 Bar

I t’s rare to find a bar in Xi’an that takes so much care to explain their menu items to you. So when you do happen upon a bar that does so, it is a treasure. The bartenders took time to carefully craft each item, introduce it when serving, and to address any questions. And it wasn’t just for us, but also for other customers, too.


This year, it seems like new brunch places have opened up faster than international travel. However, Beaver’s has certainly distinguished itself from the rest. First of all, and most obvious, it filled with Canadian goodness. Whether it is the Canadian food they serve, the Canadian decorations they display, the Canadian goods they sell, or the good ole-fashioned Canadian friendliness, Beaver’s is a whole lot of Canada right here in Xi’an.