Warm Winter Escapes

It’s a fact that some people just aren’t cold weather people. Whether you find the bitter winds a little too overbearing or you just don’t like having to layer up only to have your nose and ears still freezing off, winter weather is just not for everyone. With the extended amount of time off that the winter season brings, what with the Christmas and Spring Festival holidays, people often look at this time as an opportunity to travel to new places. Even though the coronavirus continues to restrict our movements abroad, there are still plenty of interesting places within China to explore that will allow you to step out of the cold zone and embrace a sunny day or two while getting to experience more of what China has to offer.

Snowscape Escapes – Cold Winter Travel Destinations

As the end of the year arrives, ice and snow begin appearing on the weather reports and the time for travel rapidly approaches as the largest block of time most have off comes in the form of Spring Festival. But with current restrictions in place, it is difficult to travel outside of the country, at least until things settle down a bit further. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop traveling all together, as there are still plenty of place for you to explore within China. If you’re a fan of Winter wonderland escapes, then China has a plethora of destinations that are perfect to get that holiday vibe.

The Great Wall Ride

As many ultra-endurance races got postponed this year and travelling is still very complicated, expensive, and includes many risks, me and some friends decided to set up our own challenge here in China. We came up with the idea to cycle along the Great Wall from west to east and called it Great Wall Ride (GWR).

I took the train with my bike and met my friends from Beijing in Jiuquan, who flew there. Whenever possible I prefer to take the train over a flight, because I rather carry/handle my bike myself rather than trusting airlines with it. Once we had met up, we were ready to begin the trip.

Guilin and my busy mind – a wholesome awesome experience

Lots of people feel the need to leave the city, their homes, once in a while. Routine can be quite suffocating, boring, even disorienting. Living in Xi’an also brings some other variables, such as pollution and the inevitable distance from the ocean…So what if we gave different meaning to our holidays other than ‘doing nothing’ ?What if we thought about them as a whole experience? A transportation to a different environment that can – in many ways – help us with some struggle? I know the ‘sunny beach with an umbrella cocktail’ is a very attractive option but let me tell you about my experience.

IT’S ELECTRIC! Owning an Electric Vehicle in Xi’an

It’s no secret that pollution has been a major issue in the past, and has become one of the top priorities that the government has decided to tackle. One of the major contributors to urban air pollution is car exhaust, and in an effort to combat this, several preferential policies have been released favoring electric vehicles, such as the BMW iX3. To find out more, we sat down with Yevhen and Yuliana Balatsanov to talk about their experience driving an electric vehicle in Xi’an.

Winter Cycling in Xi’an

Your first question may be a big WHY?
First, winters in Shaanxi aren’t usually that bad, besides a few weeks of colder, smoggy weather. Nothing that could stop you from doing some exercises and staying or getting in shape. Cycling is also a very good way to improve your fitness and health. It’s fun to explore the surroundings around the city, especially when you go with a group of friends. The feeling of accomplishment is bigger in these days too.

Private Hot Spring Getaways in Xi’an

Winter is the best season for spas. In an outdoor private hot spring spa, you can relax in warm water while breathing cool air. If it happens to snow, you can watch the snow dancing above the steaming water and melting on your shoulder. This kind of iconic vision always appears in Japanese TV series, now you can experience it in Xi’an.

Xi’an is rich in hot spring spas because of abundant geothermal resources beneath the Qinling mountains. Around the city, there are many spas that can provide private yards with a hot spring pool. You can even have BBQ or hotpot in some of these places. So, we gathered some information on good private spas near Xi’an. When you go there, don’t forget to take passport/ID card and a green Yimatong (Health code).