Role Models:Yafei Li

I am currently retraining as lawyer and working as a freelance language specialist in the meantime. Mostly I tutor English, but I also teach Chinese privately and work as an interpreter.

I’m from Xi’an, but have only recently returned from living in Switzerland. I’ve also lived in the US, as well as France and Italy.
Many of my hobbies are language-based. Writing is a solace to me, I am working on a novel and also enjoy playing around with words to make poetry. Back in Shanghai, I also really enjoyed debating, but haven’t been able to do that for a long time.

AWE Meeting and Women’s Day Walk

The AWE Society met in the Gingko Restaurant on 2nd March. Nineteen women attended, nine of whom were new members. It was agreed that the AWE provided an important space for women to support each other to and to talk through their problems. For many of the members AWE provides a place to connect with other women. The post-COVID many of our members have found that they are isolated with many of their friends and colleagues having moved away, or having moved back to Xi’an from other cities. Finally, several members noted that it was fantastic to be able to interact with people who are aspiring women in their fields.

Aspiring Women For Excellence

On November 3rd, AWE held their fifth meeting at L One restaurant. The aim of this session was to investigate whether it was possible to be both feminine and successful. The meeting was well attended with members from a variety of backgrounds present. The ladies present included women working in state media, government offices, business and medicine from seven different countries.