TOP 5 Largest Parks

Parks and Spring go together like any number of cliché pairings. It’s this brief period of time when the parks explode in a riot of color and greenery, and when it is not too hot to enjoy it. People head out in droves to enjoy those little slices of manicured nature, whether flying kites, piloting paddle boats, or simply strolling around and enjoying the views and the weather. There are over 146 different parks in Xi’an, but with so many people trying to enjoy the same kinds of activities, it can get a bit cramped. That’s why we’ve gathered together a list of the biggest parks in Xi’an, so you’ll have a bit of room to enjoy your Spring.

Modern Huaiyang Cuisine at the W XIAN’s YEN

There is a saying that if you ate a different Chinese dish every day of your life, you would not be able to eat every dish over an entire life time. While Chinese cuisine can be a vast and complicated subject, generally there are eight major cuisines, with a four of those considered to be the ‘Great Traditions’ recognized as the best of the best, and also meant to represent the best of the North, South, East, and West. Most people will be familiar with Chuan, the food from Shaanxi’s neighboring province of Sichuan, as well as Yue, the food of Guangdong, commonly referred to as Cantonese cuisine.

IT’S ELECTRIC! Owning an Electric Vehicle in Xi’an

It’s no secret that pollution has been a major issue in the past, and has become one of the top priorities that the government has decided to tackle. One of the major contributors to urban air pollution is car exhaust, and in an effort to combat this, several preferential policies have been released favoring electric vehicles, such as the BMW iX3. To find out more, we sat down with Yevhen and Yuliana Balatsanov to talk about their experience driving an electric vehicle in Xi’an.

“Nara Week in Xi’an”Experience the Essence of Nara, sister city of Xi’an

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the relationship between Shaanxi Province and Nara Prefecture, Japan. In order to promote economic exchange between the two places in the future, the Japan External Trade Organization will hold “Nara Week in Xi’an” at the Japanese restaurant “Cang Zhuo” located in Qujiang for two weeks in March, from Saturday, March 6th to Friday, March 19th.
During the event, the main industrial products of Nara Prefecture will be on display at the venue, such as Nara’s scientifically-designed brushes that rely on traditional technologies to achieve smooth penmanship; various color pigments with distinct color development characteristics; thermoses and lunch boxes that are popular amongst Chinese tourists; and superior types of daily necessities, such as manufactured glass kettles. All of these products can be purchased via cross-border e-commerce.


People express their creativity in many ways, often through arts, crafts, or other artistic venture. However, it can be difficult at times to find the necessary supplies, tools, or space to practice your craft. And while Taobao is always an option for purchasing materials, many like to get a feel for the materials and their quality before buying. Not to mention that it is not always practical to buy expensive tools to cram into your apartment.
Luckily, in recent years entrepreneurial-minded artists have created spaces to resolve just these sorts of problems. From leather-crafting to pottery wheels, if there is an artistic passion that you would like to pursue, then these places are perfect for you. In addition, they can help you discover other who enjoy the same activities as you, offering an environment in which you can share and learn from others.
Some of these places even offer classes or other types of instruction, usually in Chinese, so even if you are a beginner, you can easily get started on the path to being more creative.

TOP5 Mulled Wine

Winter is upon us, and while a cold beer never goes out of fashion, sometimes you want something a bit warmer, stronger, and spicier to carry you through the cold winter air. One of the things that fulfills this is mulled wine or Glühwein, a beverage made from the slow simmering of spices, citrus, wine, and sweeteners that is popular the world around. While many have their own secret recipe for the stuff, sometimes it is simply satisfying to walk into a place and order one, especially after having braved the elements to get there. As such, we have gathered together five places that are serving up the hot stuff this winter season.


“The Yellow River Soup Kitchen is a not for profit non-government organisation. A secular organisation that is open to everybody, it is wholly run by volunteers for volunteers and as such has no overheads of any description so that 100% of all donations are passed directly on to those in most need. Our objective is to organise or source a variety of projects with the aim of bringing together two specific groups of people; namely those with a desire to serve and those that are in need. Thus providing an opportunity, a vehicle, support and empowerment, to enable volunteers to channel their energies for the benefit of others whilst at the same time achieving personal growth and development. Facilitating the opportunity to cultivate a small change inside potentially manifesting in a larger change outside.

Holidays Away From Home

If there is ever a time when the expat lifestyle gets hard, it is around special occasions, especially those holidays which are typically designated for family. With travel restrictions still in place, many who would typically head home for the comfort of familiar surroundings will find themselves stuck both far from home and without a clue of what to do. Even those well-seasoned expats who are experienced with the whole holiday away from home situation may find themselves a bit adrift this year, as friends and family who may have come to call will not be able to do so this year. So, whether this is your first year away from home or your fifteenth, you might need some help recreating a bit of the holiday magic right where you are.