Written by Wu Jinjing

If you ask me where is the best place to go and eat, I will tell you Saga. It is the most popular shopping center in Xi’an right now. And the Food Palace on the 7th floor just opened. I heard from a few friends that there is a lovely new burger place. So Steven and I decided to try this palace and see if it is really as good as everybody says.
When we walked in to the restaurant, the decoration is laid back with a “come as you are”. Everything is in a typical Northern Europe style, white walls with green patches here giving a fresh and clean image.
We found a comfortable corner table, sat down and started looking at the newspaper like menu. You don’t have to have a burger, you can choose from pasta, sandwiches, pancakes and an assortment of other items. Steven ordered The Fantastic Burger and I ordered the fish lasagna. The food came quite fast, probably the fact that it was a Monday and there weren’t many others there helped. The burger is huge, and the taste was just like the name “FANTASTIC”. The manager told us it is 80% lean and 20% fat patty seasoned with salt and pepper to keep the real beef taste. The lasagna is quite good too but quick note here, if you’re not too keen about cheese, you may decide to choose something else. We ordered a great Caesar Salad, which was huge with lots of dressing! Drink-wise, we decided on an apple and cranberry soda from Taiwan. All I can say is if you want to get something “tangy” this drink will be the right choice, it is 100% pucker power! Side note, all soft drinks from the fountain have a free refill!!!
Burgers can be a pretty messy meal…but Fanier has thought of that so every table has paper bags and towels, so you can eat your culinary delight as clean as you might wish.
Pro: great burgers with a free refill!!!!!
Cons: small napkins and too much stuff on the table.
  • Average Price per person/人均消费: 60 RMB
  • Address /地址: 7F,Saga International Shopping Center,Xiao Zhai, Xi’an.( 西安赛格国际购物中心七层(费尼餐厅) )
  • Tel /电话: 029-8932 9216
  • Hours /时间: 10:00am-9:30pm