YEAR OF THE OX (a.k.a Happy Niu Year!)

Chinese New Year begins this year on the 12th of February, and this year will be the year of the Ox (year of the Metal Ox, to be specific). Cattle of various types have been utilized in Chinese culture for millennia, so it makes sense that they would make the cut for the Chinese zodiac. So here we have provided a little more information on what it means to be an OX.

WINTER SPORTS IN XI’AN Mostly Shredding Expectations, Not Snow

The groans and hisses of radiators, the prevalence of puffy jackets, and falling of the last few stubborn orange and yellow leaves herald the gradual but certain arrival of winter. We even had our first snowfall of the season on November 22! However, fanatics here often face a difficult question: “How do I do (insert winter sport name) in Xi’an???”

Ancient Chinese Ghost Stories


The Elusive Gui of China

The monsters of Chinese folklore haunt the underworld Dì Yù 地狱, the backyard during the rainy season, and everywhere in between— including your stomach. Here in China, ghosts and goblins in fables fuse the bizarre into scenes of normalcy. Ancient fables often show the beasts as the “other”, exposing the shortcomings and paradoxes of human nature. The monsters cross the bounds of living and dead, intruding and upsetting the lives of humans.