Isola Del Nord – 13th Anniversary 意大利餐厅

Isola del Nord has been a staple on the Xi’an scene for longer than most foreigners have been in China. This cozy little restaurant, located on the 11F of the KI Building on North Street, has steadily served up some of the best Napoli-style pizza in the city, along with exceptional Italian foods, for 13 years now. So, how does the restaurant hold up after all these years?

It’s never easy to maintain a restaurant at the best of times, and the past year and a half have been some of the roughest in recent memory, presenting a challenge to the entire industry. Yet, through all of this, Isola has stood up to its reputation, and continues to provide one of the nicest dining environments in the city.

Hualuxe Xi’an Tanghua -Cai Feng Lou Chinese Restaurant 唐华华邑酒店·彩丰楼中餐厅

L ocated just a short walk from Dayanta, the Hualuxe hotel is a large, expansive hotel, part of the hotel chain of the same name. Located on the second-floor of the hotel from the lobby, the dining area for this restaurant has many segmented areas for sitting, including several private dining rooms located just adjacent to the main floor. The whole restaurant is decorated in a modern look, with accents that reflect traditional Chinese culture.

Vigor Sky Garden Restaurant 威哥花园餐厅

We visited Vigor Sky Garden Restaurant on a wet Sunday night to try their Cantonese cuisine. Zhongda Guoji (中大国际) is a tower of steel and glass. We made our way through the atrium, between the Teslas on display to the elevators. Located on the 5th floor, the restaurant is just a short ride up. Unlike other mall restaurants, which are usually hidden in a labyrinth of shops, its location is very convenient. The restaurant is accessible by subway, taxi, shared bike, and there is parking available at the mall.

Localand Vietnamese Cuisine Garden Restaurant 越乡Pho·越南美食花园餐厅

When it comes to food here in Xian, we’re spoilt for choice. People flock from all over to indulge in Shaanxi’s delights. And rightly so. The noodles are world famous! And so is the you po mian and rou jia mo. The list is endless. But it’s totally okay to hanker for a different taste every now and then. And for this reason it’s great to see so many new and exciting restaurants popping up all over Xian.


Once you kick off work, especially once you reach your weekend, it’s nice to be able to get your evening started off right. While the tradition of happy hour hasn’t caught on in every establishment in the city, there are still a fair few places where you can go to loosen up your tie an let your stress begin to melt away, at a price that won’t cause you more stress on the back end. To help you in finding such establishments, we have rounded up the Top Five Happy Hours in Xi’an for May of 2021.

Capturing Pieces of a Folk Culture Village Through Urban Sketching

Growing up on an island surrounded by finely grained sand with blue ocean water and later moving to Xi’an just shy of four years ago, I am no stranger to life surrounded by local attractions and the bustle of tourists. With smartphones charged and digital SLR’s packed with batteries to spare, there is this constant movement of people taking photos. Panting from my morning jog and sitting on a wooden bench beneath the pagoda as the sun rose slowly from its slumber, I realised how the people snapping photos keep changing but the location is constant; the subject is constant. If we take a photo, how often is it that we look back at the same photo and reminisce?

Employment Benefits in China

The law in any country can be difficult to understand, so it’s not unusual that people who are living and working in China are often unaware of the benefits that they are entitled to while working here. This is especially true for foreigners, as there are fewer resources to let them know the exact laws and how they are applied. This is often compounded by the fact that some unscrupulous companies deliberately hide some of this information from their employees so that they will have fewer out of pocket expenses.
However, as foreign employees, those working in China are required to abide by the same laws and are also entitled to most of the benefits of their Chinese counterparts (there are some exceptions, such as National Health Insurance, etc.). So, we’ve put together a rundown of some of the benefits that you, as an employee working legally in China, are entitled to.
NOTE: We are not lawyers, and cannot speak to the actual application and interpretation of the law. If you are seeking advice on legal matters or similar issues, contact a lawyer.

Different Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in China

Have you ever regretted taking a job teaching English? Have you worked in different schools or companies? If you’re going to teach English here in China, what type of job fits you the best? Do you even like teaching? These are some important questions I will address in this article.
After just over four years in China, I’ve worked several different types of teaching jobs. They were different in pay, different in intensity, in different cities, had different objectives, different working hours, and I had different levels of satisfaction overall. However, sometimes I get the impression that English teaching all gets lumped into the same category. To start, let’s take a look at some common options for teaching jobs in China.