Changing Jobs: Questions I asked myself

As a person who finished their postgraduate less than two years ago, I have changed jobs three times and each time I have entered a new field and familiarized myself with something totally strange to me. People around me have different opinions on it – some disapproving of my behavior, some praising me for my courage and some who were curious about my choices. I respect all different perspectives, and I’d like to share my experience and a few questions I have asked myself before changing. I hope what I write here can be helpful if you are stuck in a working dilemma.

FUN An Enzyme For Learning

my five years in China, I’ve worked in an international high school, a middle school, a couple training centers, and a kindergarten. Despite taking my work seriously, I often struggled to achieve the results I desired in the classroom. Most vividly, my first experience in a training center (in Shenzhen) began with me dreading work every day but ended in a difficult goodbye. I want to begin by sharing an anecdote about that experience and ultimately give some answers to the simple question that was incessantly burning my brain during that time: “How to make my teaching better?”.

Role Models:Vitomira Loncar

I am a Croat (63). Throughout my life, I have had many different identities such as actress, producer, doctoral candidate, professor, wife, and mother. The common thread is that I am a life-long learner.
I guess you could say my life started when I was 24, I did my first movie and got famous overnight. I was on the front page of all the newspapers and magazines. Money followed easily and for a time that was enough. However, I started to feel that life should be about more than just the spotlight.

Role Models:Yafei Li

I am currently retraining as lawyer and working as a freelance language specialist in the meantime. Mostly I tutor English, but I also teach Chinese privately and work as an interpreter.

I’m from Xi’an, but have only recently returned from living in Switzerland. I’ve also lived in the US, as well as France and Italy.
Many of my hobbies are language-based. Writing is a solace to me, I am working on a novel and also enjoy playing around with words to make poetry. Back in Shanghai, I also really enjoyed debating, but haven’t been able to do that for a long time.

AWE Meeting and Women’s Day Walk

The AWE Society met in the Gingko Restaurant on 2nd March. Nineteen women attended, nine of whom were new members. It was agreed that the AWE provided an important space for women to support each other to and to talk through their problems. For many of the members AWE provides a place to connect with other women. The post-COVID many of our members have found that they are isolated with many of their friends and colleagues having moved away, or having moved back to Xi’an from other cities. Finally, several members noted that it was fantastic to be able to interact with people who are aspiring women in their fields.

Interview with XIS’Brittainy Harris

Education is an ever-present concern for parents, especially for expat parents, who often don’t feel that they have the same options for educating their children as they would back home. Every parent only wants the best for their kids, so before signing up for a school, it’s best to get to know the educators at the forefront of your children’s education.
To help facilitate this, we interviewed Brittainy Harris, principal of Xi’an International School to find out more about the school and their approach to teaching.

Role Models:Jin Zhou

Can you introduce yourself? Job title, educational background, languages, hobbies, your family etc.

My name is Jin Zhou. Currently I work at Qujiang No.1 high school as an English teacher as well as a head teacher. I graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 2012, where I got a Masters of Education in English Teaching and two bachelor’s degrees, one in biology and one in English. I’ve also got a certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from the Confucius Institute. I have a lot of hobbies, including watching movies and playing switch. I also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like bicycling, skiing, hiking etc.